New mammal species discovered in Indonesia

The scientists caught the five specimens in overnight traps in the jungles and are yet to observe the live animal.

Search area expanded to locate missing Indonesian plane

Six planes and four ships embarked today on a widening search for a plane with 10 people on board that went missing in eastern Indonesia three days ago.

'Swachch Bharat drives draws inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi'

Mahatma gave high priority to cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene and the Indian government had thus launched its Swachch Bharat nationwide cleanliness drive on his 145th birth anniversary last year, Indian ambassador to Indonesia Gurjit Singh has said.

Passenger jet with 10 aboard missing in east Indonesia

A passenger plane carrying 10 people on a domestic flight is missing in eastern Indonesia, an official said today.

Indonesia sends thousands to fight fires, makes no progress against hazardous "haze"

Indonesia has sent nearly 21,000 personnel to fight forest fires raging in its northern islands, the disaster management agency said on Tuesday, but smoke cloaks much of the region with pollution readings in the "very unhealthy" region in neighbouring Singapore.

Indonesian earthquake injures scores, shakes popular tourist spot

A powerful earthquake in remote eastern Indonesia on Friday injured more than 60 people, left hundreds of houses damaged and rattled an idyllic island chain popular with foreign tourists and divers.

Engine failure panics passengers on Cathay Pacific flight

A Cathay Pacific flight from Australia to Hong Kong was diverted to Indonesia due to an engine fault that a passenger said on Friday sent flame streaming from a wing and caused panic on board.

Singapore slams Indonesia over haze response as schools shut

Singapore slammed "shocking" statements from Indonesian officials over the haze crisis as it closed all schools and distributed protective face masks Friday in emergency measures as the air pollution index soared to hazardous levels.

More than 60 injured, houses damaged in Indonesian quake

More than 60 people were injured and 200 houses damaged Friday when a powerful earthquake rocked remote eastern Indonesia, a disaster agency official said, and warned the number of victims could rise.

Strong quake hits Papua, Indonesia; no tsunami alert

A strong earthquake measuring magnitude 6.9 struck off Irian Jaya in Indonesia on Thursday at a depth of 39.9 miles (64 km), the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Indonesia arrests 18 migrants bound for Australia

 Indonesian police have arrested 18 migrants who were stranded in the waters off Java island after their boat ran out of fuel as they tried to reach Australia, an official said.

Indonesia arrests seven over SE Asia haze

Indonesian police have detained seven people whose companies are allegedly connected with illegal agricultural fires that have cloaked Southeast Asia in haze, in rare arrests over the annual smog outbreaks.

Earthquake of 6.4 magnitude strikes in east Indonesia: USGS

  An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude struck on Wednesday near Indonesia`s Moluccas islands, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Indonesia to take action over forest fires
Indonesia to take action over forest fires

The Indonesian government has initiated legal action against companies allegedly involved in causing forest fires in the country that have resulted in a haze enveloping Singapore and Malaysia, police said on Tuesday.

Indonesia orders action against land burning as haze chokes SE Asia

 Indonesian President Joko Widodo called late on Monday for strong action against anyone caught lighting fires to clear forested land, as a worsening haze blanketed the north of the country and neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia.

Man held for threatening to blow up plane at Malaysian airport

An Indonesian farmer was detained for threatening to blow up a plane at a Malaysian airport after check-in staff asked him to remove items from his excess baggage.

Indonesia deploys military to fight forest fires

 The Indonesian military sent over 1,000 soldiers to South Sumatra province on Thursday to put out ongoing forest fires, the media reported.

Indonesia dumps plans for high-speed rail line: Ambassador

 Indonesia has unexpectedly dumped much-vaunted plans for its first high-speed railway in favour of a slower and cheaper rail option, in a blow to Japan and China who have been fiercely competing to win the construction job.

Search ramps up as toll in Malaysia boat tragedy hits 15

Malaysian authorities on Friday stepped up a search for survivors from a boat that sank while crammed with Indonesian migrants as the death toll rose to 15, the Malaysian coastguard said.

Indonesia to launch satellite from India

Indonesia is set to launch a locally made satellite from India on September 27, a media report said on Thursday.