India lags emerging world in research, imperils innovation

As it attempts to drive growth and innovation, India lags the developed and emerging world in a key area, research and development, as a recent imbroglio over stipends reveals.

Need to define Net Neutrality appropriately: Nasscom

As the uproar over the Net neutrality issue continues, industry body Nasscom today said the concept should be defined appropriately as the term itself was perceived "differently" across the globe.

Innovation, entrepreneurship can eradicate poverty: Gadkari

Concerned over suicides by farmers, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday said India can wipe out poverty by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.

India needs more research and innovation: President

President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said India is way behind other developed nations when it comes to higher education.

'Indian pharma firms must innovate in face of generic drugs slowdown'

Indian pharmaceuticals companies need to diversify their product range and focus on evolving as innovators as growth in generic market is expected to slow down over the next decade, a study by industry body Assocham said on Monday.

Spiritual Varanasi, innovative Guj bring solar powered SI-2 to India
Spiritual Varanasi, innovative Guj bring solar powered SI-2 to India

Varanasi and Ahmedabad may not be having much similarities but the pioneers of 'Solar Impulse 2', claimed to be the world's only solar-powered aircraft, chose the two cities for a layover in India as they have distinct "dimensions" of spirituality and innovation.

Two surprising innovations- Solar-powered plane and Apple iWatch

Solar-powered plane 'Solar Impulse 2' (Si2) that flies on solar energy is capable of flying over oceans for several days and nights in a row, Si2 will travel 35,000 km around the world in 25 days over the course of roughly five months.

NASA space apps challenge to spark innovation
NASA space apps challenge to spark innovation

NASA and other space agencies are preparing for the fourth annual "International Space Apps Challenge" which will be held online at more than 135 locations worldwide April 10-12.

Haryana: Schoolgirl invents cooking gas with waste polythene!

A schoolgirl named Radhika in Haryana's Yamuna Nagar has invented a cooking gas using waste polythene.

Kerala students develop 200-km-a-litre vehicle

Three sixth semester mechanical engineering students here have designed and developed a prototype vehicle which runs more than 200 kilometres per litre of petrol.

Building blocks of innovation

From incubating new businesses and funding ideas, to providing mentorship and guidance, many organisations are partnering with entrepreneurs to develop and scale up innovations that can benefit consumers across the board. Patricia Mascarenhas reports.

Children should benefit from innovation: UNICEF Report

Urgent action is needed to prevent millions of children from missing out on the benefits of innovation, UNICEF says in a new report released today.

India, Britain to partner in research, innovation projects

 India and the UK on Wednesday announced setting up of a 50 million-pound Newton-Bhabha Fund which will be used for multi-disciplinary cooperation in the fields of science, research and innovation between the two countries.

London Underground unveils new design of trains

London Underground (LU) Thursday unveiled new designs for its new tubes, expected to come into service in mid-2020.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: Choose a career inspired by your talent, says Dr Chandra

Zee Media Corporation Limited Chairman Dr. Subhash Chandra, through his show, tells us how to identify one's innate talent and enhance it further to become successful in what one is best at. According to Dr.

Innovation drove technology throughout Old World

Instead of waiting for "technology transfer" from one place to another through population expansion, our ancestors depended more on innovation for advancing technology, a study suggests.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: We need to be conscious to be creative, says Dr Chandra

Zee Media Corporation Limited Chairman Dr Subhash Chandra, through his show, highlights the importance of how 'creativity' can change people's lives and help them scale new heights. He explains that it is important to be conscious in order to understand ourselves and be creative.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: Be a rebel to be creative, says Dr Chandra

Zee Media Corporation Limited Chairman, Dr Subhash Chandra through his show highlights the importance of being creative in order to succeed in life. He says, “You will have to be a rebel to be creative.” He offers an insight into how creativity can enhance personal development.

No country can progress without innovation: President

President Pranab Mukherjee has expressed concern over India lagging behind other countries in having patents, and said no country can progress without innovation.

Chefs innovate to get fussy children to eat

Feeding children with nutritious food has been a challenge that most mothers seem to be familiar with. Chefs and food experts, however suggest that simple alterations can make a regular meal more attractive to fussy eaters.