Now, diabetics to measure blood sugar from iPhones

A new research has come up with a new protein that could ultimately allow diabetics to check their blood sugar from their iPhones.

Cricketers halt match to catch thief, game reduced to 30 overs

Now that is a stunning catch! A cricket match in Britain was brought to a halt after both teams abandoned the pitch to chase down and catch a thief who stole a dozen iPhones from the pavilion.

Apple bans encrypted chat service `Cryptocat` on iPhones

Apple has reportedly banned encrypted chat service "Cryptocat" on iPhones.

Xbox consoles and iPhones sparking rise in sleeping problems among kids

A new study has revealed that children are facing a rise in sleeping problems caused by playing video games and texting before bedtime.

Microsoft needs to `start up again` to avoid being old, says CEO

Microsoft needs to reinvent itself to avoid being `old and tired`, company`s CEO Steve Ballmer has said.

Apple testing large-screen iPhones

Apple Inc. is reportedly testing large-screen iPhones, with some designs going as large as six inches.

Apple preparing standard and cheap iPhones for upcoming launch

Software giant Apple has reportedly asked its Taiwan-based supplier to start shipping the two new versions of its flagship iPhone for the upcoming launch in September.

iPhones consume more energy than fridges!

A new study suggests that an iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator.

China Telecom to sell iPhones; China Mobile still months away

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has signed with China Telecom (0728.HK) to sell its iPhone in China from next month.

Syria bans iphones

The UN`s top human rights official said this week that Syria is in a state of civil war.

`Color`- A phone-based social network

Color application allows image, videos & comments sharing with anyone who comes within 50 feet of you.

Now, a confession app on iPhones, iPads

Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPhones, iPads is touted as the `perfect aid for every penitent.`

Kids ditch train sets for iPhones this Christmas

Christmas is set to go digital this year, with kids ditching train sets for an iPhone.

Positively jealous people buy iPhones

If you are jealous in a benign way, you might buy an iPhone.

App to stop users from `sexting` on iPhones

Apple has been awarded a patent to stop users from 'sexting`,

‘Earprint’ could improve sound quality in iPhones

A new Apple patent suggests that touch sensors can improve sound quality during a call.

iPhones, BlackBerrys to help check corruption

New application of iPhones and BlackBerrys help in catching police taking bribe.

Spotlight turns to Apple`s `latest creation`

The technology rumour mill is busy grinding speculation regarding an Apple event on Wednesday at which the culture-changing firm will unveil its "latest creation."

Nokia could seek up to $1 bn from Apple for iPhones: Analysts

Apple faces the possibility of having to pay the world`s top cellphone maker Nokia up to USD 1 billion for the technologies used in iPhones sold so far if it loses a lawsuit brought by Nokia, analysts said.

Rhapsody streaming app approved for iPhones

RealNetworks Inc.`s subscription music service Rhapsody has been approved for use on iPhones and iPod Touches.

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