Hackers raid Apple accounts via jail-broken iPhones

 Hackers targeting jail-broken iPhones have raided more than 225,000 Apple accounts, using them for app-buying sprees or to hold phones for ransom, researchers said on Tuesday.

Can your 'expensive' iPhone save you from bullet?

 A new experiment found that how many iPhones will be required to save you from a bullet or selective-fire Soviet Union assault rifle.

34 fake iphones being confiscated in Karol Bagh's Akasaki store

The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police raided Akasaki, a trusted name in mobile phones and accessories at Lotus Plaza in Karol Bagh, and found counterfeit iPhones and all kinds of assembling material for other smartphones.

Uber office raided in southern China: Report

Taxi app Uber's office in the southern city of Guangzhou has been raided by authorities, a report said on Friday, in an apparent crackdown on the Internet ride-sharing service.

Build-your-own Google handset reconstructs smartphone
Build-your-own Google handset reconstructs smartphone

With a smartphone that slots together piece by piece like Lego, US Internet giant Google is trying to reinvent the mobile as most phone makers are honing sleeker handsets.

Why thieves no longer love smartphones

Smartphones, particularly iPhones, are no longer the favourites of discerning lifters, recent data shows. The reason: the "kill switch" is proving the killjoy for the thieves.

Social networking site 'Facebook at Work' launched for final testing
Social networking site 'Facebook at Work' launched for final testing

 'Facebook for work', has been launched by the popular social networking site Facebook.

A new software that could help the deaf 'hear'

Now, even a deaf person can listen to sounds coming through via Wi-Fi signals, thanks to a new software being developed by London-based science writer Frank Swain.

Apple iOS bug makes most devices vulnerable to attack: Researchers

Cybersecurity researchers have warned that a bug in Apple Inc`s iOS operating system makes most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers seeking access to sensitive data and control of their devices.

Now, diabetics to measure blood sugar from iPhones

A new research has come up with a new protein that could ultimately allow diabetics to check their blood sugar from their iPhones.

Cricketers halt match to catch thief, game reduced to 30 overs

Now that is a stunning catch! A cricket match in Britain was brought to a halt after both teams abandoned the pitch to chase down and catch a thief who stole a dozen iPhones from the pavilion.

Apple bans encrypted chat service `Cryptocat` on iPhones

Apple has reportedly banned encrypted chat service "Cryptocat" on iPhones.

Xbox consoles and iPhones sparking rise in sleeping problems among kids

A new study has revealed that children are facing a rise in sleeping problems caused by playing video games and texting before bedtime.

Microsoft needs to `start up again` to avoid being old, says CEO

Microsoft needs to reinvent itself to avoid being `old and tired`, company`s CEO Steve Ballmer has said.

Apple testing large-screen iPhones

Apple Inc. is reportedly testing large-screen iPhones, with some designs going as large as six inches.

Apple preparing standard and cheap iPhones for upcoming launch

Software giant Apple has reportedly asked its Taiwan-based supplier to start shipping the two new versions of its flagship iPhone for the upcoming launch in September.

iPhones consume more energy than fridges!

A new study suggests that an iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator.