Libya Islamists say they shot down jet of rival forces

Libyan jihadists said today they downed a plane belonging to forces of a rogue general, but a source close to the officer said it crashed because of a technical fault.

Libyan militia says it accepts UN call for truce

The Islamist militia in control of Libya's capital, Tripoli, says it agrees with a U.N. Call for a cease-fire in this North African country but vows to resist any foreign interference in Libyan affairs.

France urges UN to provide `exceptional support` for Libya

French President Francois Hollande on Thursday called on the United Nations to provide special support for authorities in Libya, which is sliding ever deeper into chaos as militias fuel an escalating war.

UN Security Council urges for immediate ceasefire in Libya

The UN Security Council Wednesday adopted a resolution on Libya, calling for an immediate ceasefire while expanding sanctions on those who involved in the violence there.

Libyan raids could herald bolder Arab action as US wavers

Air strikes against Libyan Islamist militants that US officials had said were staged by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates could mark an escalation of a regional struggle over the future of the Arab world.

24 more bodies recovered in Italy's refugee rescue

The Italian navy has recovered another 24 bodies from an overturned fishing boat during rescue operations for the thousands of would-be refugees who are fleeing Libyan shores for Europe.

War planes attack Libyan capital again as airport terminal is destroyed

Fire destroyed the terminal at Tripoli`s main airport on Sunday, one day after it was seized by militia fighters from the Libyan city of Misrata, witnesses said.

Libya`s Islamist militias claim control of capital Tripoli

Libya`s Islamist militias said on Sunday they have consolidated their hold on Tripoli and its international airport, driving out rival militias to the outskirts of the capital following a weekslong battle for control of the strategic hub.

Egypt denies role in Tripoli air raid

Libyan Islamists have charged that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were behind a raid around Tripoli airport on Friday night that killed 13 fighters.

Coffee and Pizza: A Slice of Life in Troubled Libya

In corners of Tripoli unaffected by militia violence gripping the capital, Libyans sip espresso and eat pizza defiantly, as the sound of gunfire echoes in the distance.

Libya crisis: After `mystery air strikes` on them, Islamist `terrorists` take Tripoli airport

In a major blow to Libya`s nationalist fighters from Zintan, Tripoli`s International airport has been captured by Islamist-led militias of Libyan Dawn coalition (Fajr Libya), reports said Sunday.

Egypt, UAE involved in Tripoli airstrikes: Libyan Islamists

Libya`s Islamist militant groups Saturday accused the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt of behind the recent airstrikes on their bases in Tripoli.

Islamist militants capture Libya`s Tripoli airport

Tripoli: Libya`s Islamist militants` coalition Libya Dawn announced Saturday that they have taken the Tripoli international airport, a crucial stronghold for the Zintan pro-secular militias, a TV report said.

Cairo condemns stadium execution of Egyptian in Libya

Cairo: Egypt on Saturday condemned the public execution in a Libyan football stadium of one of its nationals, reportedly by jihadists, and urged the international community to help restore security there.

Migrant boat carrying 250 capsizes off Libya

A Libyan coast guard official says a boat carrying over 250 migrants has capsized off the coast near the capital Tripoli.

Airstrikes in Libya`s capital kill 15: Militia

Two airstrikes targeting Islamist militia positions in Libya`s capital on Saturday killed 15 fighters and wounded 30 others, a senior Islamist militia leader and a militia spokesman said.

Libya football stadium hosts videotaped execution

An Islamist armed group carried out a videotaped execution of an Egyptian man in a football stadium in Libya, in what Amnesty said it highlighted the country`s descent into lawlessness.

216 more Indians return from Libya

Another batch of 216 Indians returned from Libya via Djerba on Tuesday, taking the total number of Indians evacuated from the strife-torn country to 2,750.

Libyan militia fire rockets into affluent Tripoli residential district

Libyan militiamen fired rockets into an affluent district of Tripoli early on Tuesday, moving a battle with a rival armed faction closer to the centre of the capital after fighters on one side came under air attack.

Blasts in Libyan capital as mystery jets fly over

Two unidentified aircraft roared over Libya`s capital before dawn on Monday as loud explosions were heard, days after new clashes between militias prompted hundreds of people to flee.