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Discrimination in conferring Bharat Ratna: Are they entirely fair?

While choosing the recipient for the prestigious Bharat Ratna, are the selectors entirely fair? Are their decisions just a matter of convenience or are they politically motivated?

Italian players hound referees, says Nemanja Vidic
Italian players hound referees, says Nemanja Vidic

Inter Milan defender Nemanja Vidic has admitted he is still getting used to the nuances of the Italian game, including seeing fellow players lobbying match officials for favourable decisions.

Sri Lanka lobbying in US ahead of key rights resolution

Sri Lanka has intensified lobbying in the US Congress ahead of a resolution that the country is expected to face in the UN rights body next month over alleged war crimes during the military campaign against LTTE rebels.

Google tops ten US tech firms in spending $61mn lobbying Washington

Google has yet again topped amongst the ten largest US technology companies in collectively spending more than 61 million dollars lobbying Washington in 2013, a report revealed.

At last, BBMP has standing committees

The much-delayed election for the various standing committees of the BBMP was finally completed on Monday, amid intense lobbying by corporators for plum posts and much give-and-take by political leaders.

The Lobby Against Lobbying

One should not think that lobbying is restricted to organized groups. Even individuals try to influence others in their favour.

Law will take its own course: Govt on Walmart issue

Government on Sunday said that law will take its own course if investigations establish that there has been any violation by global retail giant Walmart in its attempts to gain entry into the Indian market.

Walmart issue: ‘Govt best judge to decide on type of probe`

Congress on Tuesday said the government is the "best judge" to decide what type of inquiry is needed on the controversy.

Hectic lobbying for berth in Gowda ministry

Senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar
and mining magnates Reddy brothers were involved in hectic lobbying with party top brass for the remaining 12 vacancies in Karnataka CM Sadanand Gowda`s cabinet.

Some bailed-out firms spent less lobbying in 3Q

As Congress intensified its work rewriting the nation`s financial rule book over the last three months, some big recipients of the government`s USD 700 billion bailout spent a bit less trying to influence legislators.

Honduras` interim govt sends lobbying team to US

The soldiers, politicians, etc, ousted President Manuel Zelaya are taking their battle from Honduras into the US political arena, waging a lobbying campaign to paint themselves as a bulwark against "dictatorship" and "communism."