Journalists held as Malaysian arrests mount

Malaysian police arrested a prominent publisher and a website editor for sedition on Tuesday, the latest targets in a mounting tally of detentions that is being compared to an infamous 1987 political crackdown.

Malaysia government tables two new anti-terror bills

Malaysia on Monday proposed two new anti-terrorism bills that allow detention of a person for two years without trial amid concerns in the Muslim majority country over several of its citizens getting swayed by the dreaded Islamic State militant group.

Malaysia unveils terrorism bill amid Islamic State fears

Malaysia`s government on Monday unveiled a new anti-terrorism bill that allows lengthy detentions without trial, as worries grow in the Muslim-majority country over the appeal of the extremist Islamic State (IS) group.

Malaysia's ethnic-Indian men say no to marrying rape victims

 In a short film shot as a social experiment, two out of three ethnic-Indian men in Malaysia have said that they would not marry rape victims as it would tarnish their family's "honour".

Malaysia detains two Iraqi nationals with links to IS

Two Iraqi nationals, suspected to be members of the dreaded Islamic State terror group, have been arrested here for allegedly making death threats to the Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Malaysia.

Malaysia arrests opposition figures to thwart protest

Malaysian police arrested three leading opposition politicians in a bid to thwart a protest march on Saturday demanding the release of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, his party said.

Philippines hits back at Beijing over South China Sea

The Philippines on Saturday shot back at Beijing`s criticism of its activities in the South China Sea, saying they were "in no way comparable to China`s massive reclamation activities" in the waters.

Mahathir saddened by Lee Kuan Yew''s death despite their clashes

Malaysia`s former leader Mahathir Mohamad, one of Lee Kuan Yew`s greatest rivals, said on Friday he was saddened by the death of Singapore`s founding father although the two Southeast Asian strongmen often clashed and seldom agreed on issues.

Aussie mum frustrated as Malaysia drug case delayed again

The case of an Australian woman facing a possible death sentence for drug trafficking in Malaysia was postponed again Thursday, with a lawyer describing the defendant as frustrated with the repeated delays.

Malaysian leader lauds Lee Kuan Yew`s `great` achievements

Premier Najib Razak lauded Singapore`s founder Lee Kuan Yew for building the island city into a "modern and dynamic nation" as he extended Malaysian condolences on his death Monday.

Dutch visit previously inaccessible MH17 Ukraine crash site

Dutch experts returned to war-ravaged Ukraine on Friday to probe the MH17 crash site, including visiting a location previously considered unsafe because of fighting with pro-Russian separatists.

China to unveil Silk Road project plan at Boao Forum next week

Chinese President Xi Jinping will release the implementation plan for his ambitious Silk Road projects listing hundreds of infrastructure ventures at the Boao Forum next week in presence of heads of state from 13 nations.

India, Malaysia review political and defence relations

India and Malaysia have reviewed their bilateral relations in many aspects, including their political and defence ties.

Malaysian state OKs Islamic penalties, splitting opposition

 A Malaysian state governed by an opposition Muslim party passed a law on Thursday mandating tough Islamic criminal punishments, a move that threatens to break up a fractious opposition alliance.

Islamic law push strains Malaysian opposition`s unity

A Malaysian Muslim party on Wednesday launched a push to implement Islamic criminal punishments such as flogging and amputations in a state it governs, a move that threatens to tear apart the country`s opposition.

Malaysia launches new airline to provide value flights

Malaysia today launched a new airline, flymojo, aimed at providing value flights in south-east Asia.

Malaysian police free Anwar`s daughter on bail

The eldest daughter of Malaysia`s jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was freed on police bail Tuesday after being held overnight for alleged sedition, as supporters and the United States condemned her detention.

US concerned at Malaysia`s detention of Anwar daughter

The United States said on Monday it was "deeply concerned" by the detention of the eldest daughter of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysia arrests Anwar's daughter for sedition: Opposition party

Malaysian police have arrested opposition politician Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, for sedition over a speech she made in parliament, her party said on Monday.

'ISIS threat spreading fast to Malaysia'

Islamic State extremism is spreading fast to Muslim-majority Malaysia, a senior leader of the ruling coalition on Monday warned after reports that several Malaysians had been fighting for the dreaded militant group in Iraq and Syria.