Turkey lifts `unconstitutional` Twitter ban

Turkey has officially lifted its ban on Twitter.

Now, tag your buddies on Twitter with new photo-tagging feature

Twitter has reportedly added a new feature that would allow users to tag multiple people in a tweeted photo and share more than one photo per tweet.

Turkish court reverses Twitter ban after lawsuit over political freedom of speech challenged

Almost a week of ban in Turkey, Twitter filed a lawsuit against the country`s government for restricting political freedom of speech, compelling the court to stay execution of the ban.

1 in 13 tweets contain curse words: Study

An interesting new study on the prominence of curse words on microblogging site Twitter has found that one in every 13 tweets contains an unprintable word.

Demi Lovato supports Gomez`s stint in rehab

Singer Demi Lovato has shown support to pop star Selena Gomez, who checked herself in a rehab facility last month.

Twitter working on `edit tweet` option

Microblogging site Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature that would let users edit their tweets.

Twitter uses push notifications to highlight what TV show your friend is watching

Twitter is apparently using its push notifications to highlight what a user`s friend is watching on the television.

Twitter rolls back change in blocking policy following flak from users

Microblogging site Twitter rolled out its changed blocking policy only to eat it back within a day after users complained that it would promote stalkers.

Saudis are world`s biggest Tweeters: Study

Saudi Arabia has been found to be the country with the maximum Twitter penetration having the highest number of active monthly users, a new study has revealed.

Twitter customized timelines offer new perspective

Twitter said Tuesday it would offer its users the ability to create custom "timelines" for fresh perspectives on the Twittersphere.

Twitter was once named `Twitch`, `Smssy`, `Friendstalker`!

Twitter was not what it is called today, and was named as Twitch, Smssy and even weird Friendstalker, a book about the birth of the microblogging site by Nick Bilton has revealed.

Zuckerberg once described Twitter `clown car that fell into gold mine`

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once remarked that Twitter is in such a mess, appearing `as if they drove a clown car that fell into a gold mine.

Twitter loses popularity in Asia for being `too crowded`

The microblogging site made its public debut in the year`s most-anticipated IPO, this week, however, Twitter`s popularity is reportedly ceasing in part of Asia, as users are increasingly finding it difficult to deal with.

New technique can write your life history using twitter!

Twitter users, beware! Your tweets can reveal your life history!

Twitter slammed after refusing to pay in fight against child porn

Twitter has been reportedly slammed for resisting request of an increase of 5,000 pounds in contribution to fight against child porn on the internet.

Twitter reveals its roadmap to success

Twitter unveiled its much-anticipated IPO filing after Facebook`s launch last year, and the microblogging site`s 800-page filing is an interesting read about its growths and attempts to make money from its service.

Al Shabab`s Twitter account suspended for third time

Somalia`s Al Shabab Twitter account has been reportedly suspended after they claimed responsibility for the Nairobi shopping mall attack, in which 39 people were reported dead and 150 were wounded.

Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Twitter bandwagon!

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the latest to join Twitter, as the latest iPhones continue to sell-out and the launch of new iOS7 has customers all excited.

`Twitter talk` existed in 19th century too

The new-age Twitter dates back to 2006 but communication experts have traced the ` tweet talk` back to the 19th century as a means of expressing one`s self.

Twitter releases new app to allow users to sync messages across devices

Microblogging site Twitter recently announced update to its app service across all major devices.