Miranda Kerr says she is single

Miranda Kerr`s name has been dragged into two fights but the supermodel has rubbished reports that she is dating James Packer or had anything to do in the altercation that he had with David Gyngell.

Have a wicked side: Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr admits to having a wicked side to her and says she likes to "party and have a drink".

Orlando Bloom not upset with Justin Bieber?

Actor Orlando Bloom has reportedly put his spat with singer Justin Bieber behind him.

Justin Bieber`s claim of Miranda Kerr wanting to `make him a man` resurfaces

Justin Bieber`s earlier claim that Miranda Kerr vowed to "make him a man" has re-emerged recently after the `Bieber-Bloom` fight.

Miranda Kerr embarrassed with Orlando-Bieber row?

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is reportedly embarrassed with the alleged fight between her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and singer Justin Bieber.

Fans consider me `hero` post brawl with Justin Bieber, says Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom says that people have been praising and calling him "hero" for getting into a brawl with Justin Bieber.

Miranda Kerr flaunts hot-bod in sexy new bike ad

Miranda Kerr wrapped a tight leather jacket around herself for a new motorbike ad photo-shoot, showing her inner biker-chic.

I am not Buddhist: Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has shot down the rumours of being a Buddhist.

Miranda Kerr feels more feminine post turning 30

Supermodel Miranda Kerr feels better than ever now she has discovered her signature sexy style.

Miranda Kerr hates overflowing wardrobe

Miranda Kerr has revealed that she distributes most of her clothes because she loves to keep selected items in her wardrobe.

I`m not a Buddhist: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has denied long-running rumours that she is practices Buddhism.

Miranda Kerr celebrates Mother`s Day with family

Miranda Kerr spent Mother`s Day with four generations of her family, including her mom Therese, grandmom Ann, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Aussie billionaires brawl over Miranda Kerr

Two Australian billionaires were pictured fighting like dogs in the street during a brawl reportedly over supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr isn`t ready for relationship

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she is not yet ready to have another relationship with someone following her split from her husband Orlando Bloom last year.

Miranda Kerr designs tea cup collection

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has teamed up with English porcelain brand Royal Albert to create a new collection of tea cups.

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom friends forever

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says that she talks to her former husband and actor Orlando Bloom every day and that they still have a good platonic relationship.

Miranda Kerr swears by coconut oil

When it comes to hair and skin care, supermodel Miranda Kerr only trusts coconut oil as she feels the benefits are plenty.

Miranda Kerr wants her hair short

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she would love to chop off her lengthy locks, but has not been brave enough to give herself a drastic makeover yet.

Miranda Kerr calls Orlando Bloom `a wonderful dad`

Miranda Kerr recently opened up about her body image, parenting and Easter plans with family.

Miranda Kerr strips naked in new Reebok ad

Miranda Kerr has stripped down naked for Reebok`s new raunchy commercial.