Smartphone users' unhealthy habits
Smartphone users' unhealthy habits

According to an online survey conducted by KRC Research, many smartphone users around the world have admitted to take their phones almost everywhere they go, even while they sleep!

Wireless devices may cause cancer: Study

Your fears are not completely unfounded. Mobile phones can actually cause cancer, says a study.

China's internet users zoom to 668 million
China's internet users zoom to 668 million

 The number of people using the internet in China has galloped to 668 million - and most use their mobile phones for access - the authorities said.

Series of grenade attacks on telecom facilities in Srinagar, one hurt
Series of grenade attacks on telecom facilities in Srinagar, one hurt

Suspected militants Friday carried out a series of grenade attacks in Srinagar, targeting yet again the telecom providers, and injuring one person.

Now recharge your Metro Smart Card the mobile way at ICICI outlets

Now commuters of Delhi Metro Railway will not have to stand in long queues to recharge their smart cards as they will be able to recharge their smart card just like they recharge their mobile phone by visiting ICICI Bank Business Correspondent Network (Outlets), located across the national capita

Khap panchayat strikes again: Mobile phones use banned for girls in Barmer

A khap panchayat in the Barmer district of Rajasthan has allegedly issued a diktat, banning girls of the village from using mobile phones and social media.

DNA analysis of Chhagan Bhujbal's alleged money laundering, land grabbing case

Disapproving the state Anti Corruption Bureau having already taken over six months to probe allegations of money laundering and land grabbing against former Maharashtra minister Chhagan Bhujbal, the Bombay High Court on Thursday directed the ACB to complete its investigation and submit a final re

Forget love, loneliness is in the air!

Yes, loneliness is in! Look around yourself. Don't you notice curious eyes glued into flashy screens and fingers hurriedly typing away in glory! In offices, in metros, in all public places and even at family functions, this is the trend nowadays. This is the new 'normal' now.

How unused mobile phones are squandering gold worth 100 million pounds

A new study has revealed that unused mobile phones are actually squandering gold worth 100 million pounds in the UK.

Karnataka govt circular asks women employees not to loiter around

The Karnataka Legislature Secretariat has kicked up a controversy with a circular directing women staffers not to "unnecessarily" loiter around and employees not to speak loudly on mobile phones, evoking sharp criticism over the "sexist diktat".

No point to raise issue of cell tower radiation and then complain of call drop: Ravi Shankar Prasad

No point to raise issue of cell tower radiation and then complain of call drop: Ravi Shankar 

Now a 'missed call' to shut down your computer

Neki Ram of Nuhiyanwali village in Sirsa has developed a SIM-based device that can be attached to the computer. The user can simply send a "missed call" to the number installed in the device which shall instantly send commands to the computer and turn it off.

Researchers propose new way to measure crowd count

Researchers at Warwick University have come up with a new method to estimate the size of a large crowd based on geographical data from mobile phones and the social-networking app Twitter.

Pakistan completes biometric verification of mobile SIM cards

Pakistani authorities on Saturday said they have authenticated 75.5 million SIM cards through biometric verification under a plan to stop their use in terrorist attacks triggered by mobile phones.

Watch: Fast N Facts @ 7:30pm

Watch: Fast N Facts @ 7:30pm

Zee Sting operation: Prisoners caught using cell phones in Rajasthan jail

Zee Media exposes corruption and clear insult of law at the Jhalawar jail in Rajasthan where the prisoners were seen using mobile phones allegedly provided by the police officials there for mere 500 rupees.