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Single injection curbs activity of Huntington's disease gene

A single injection of a new treatment has been found to reduce the activity of the gene responsible for Huntington's disease for six months in a trial in an animal model.

65-year-old polio patient with fracture regains movement after surgery

A 65-year-old polio patient with a fractured thigh bone has regain movement and started walking again after a complicated surgery performed by doctors of a city hospital.

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Investigation in Murthal gang-rape case during Jat reservation stir continues: Police

Police is yet to come to a decision whether any gang-rape was being done during the Jat reservation Movement in Murthal.

Could a cholesterol-lowering drug treat Parkinson's?

In their quest to find new treatments that could slow, stop or reverse Parkinson's disease, a progressive neurological condition that affects movement and speech, researchers in Britain are set to investigate in humans the potential of a cholesterol-lowering drug in treating the disease.

Dr Subhash Chandra dreams of bringing Purna Swaraj in Bharat

Dr. Subhash Chandra speaks in New York and calls for Purna Swaraj movement in all the villages of Bharat.

Over 8 percent of Indian households have disabled persons

Over eight percent, or 207.8 lakh, of the total households in the country have disabled persons, reveals data on disabled population in India released here on Tuesday.

Manuela Carmena, leftist ex-judge now Madrid mayor

A communist and rights activist in her youth, former judge Manuela Carmena on Saturday became mayor of Madrid, ending 24 years of conservative rule in the Spanish capital.

Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Dadlani compose song for 'Save the Future of Mankind' movement

Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Dadlani compose song for 'Save the Future of Mankind' movement

 Vishal Dadlani and Farhan Akhtar joined hands with Star Movies to compose a song for the 'Save The Future of Mankind' movement which aims to empower the youth to stand against gender inequality and remind the youth the power of being a superhero in day to day life through this movement.

Master math via body movements

Imagine your kid contorting his or her body and waving arms to master math. This is the future with body-based tasks while interacting with a Kinect for Windows mathematics program, researchers report.

11 implants allow woman to walk after 36 years

For 48-year-old Sachi, life remained painful for more than three decades.

Human brain uses geometric relationship to navigate from one place to another

Human brain uses geometric relationship to navigate from one place to another

A new study has revealed that the brain uses geometrical relationships from spatial environment to track the movements one made to move from one place to another.

New study provides deeper insight into how feet maintain body's balanceNew study provides deeper insight into how feet maintain body's balance

In a new study, scientists have shed light on the role of our feet in maintaining our body's balance.

Swinging arms most efficient way to run

Ever tried running without swinging your arms? New research has shown that the swing in your arms counter balances the movement of your legs and saves energy at the same time.

Flies see the world in slow motion

Ever wondered, why it is so hard to swat a housefly? It sees us coming in slow motion!

Taylor Swift likes smart, comfortable wear

Taylor Swift likes to wear clothes which exude style, but still don’t restrict her movement on stage.

National Conference is people`s movement: J&K minister

Claiming ruling National Conference as "people`s movement", a senior party leader as well as cabinet minister SS Slathia called for strengthening the hands of J&K CM Omar Abdullah.

Bedi warns another movement after Budget session

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi asked the people to remain prepared for another movement if no strong Lokpal bill is passed during budget session.

Dalai Lama supports Anna`s movement

Supporting Anna Hazare`s anti-graft
movement, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Friday said
corruption is also a form of violence.