It`s a historic tie - in the first election result

It`s a tie between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the first results in the presidential election from a remote hamlet in New Hampshire.

Small town in New Hampshire to cast first ballot in US polls

Residents of a small township in the New Hampshire State would be the first to cast their ballot just shortly after midnight.

Obama running out of ideas: Romney

US President Barack Obama has
run out of ideas and excuses,Mitt Romney
has said as he claimed victory in the New Hampshire
Republican primary.

Romney on the brink of a win in New Hampshire

Despite his rivals` fierce eleventh-hour attacks, Mitt Romney carried a sizeable poll lead into voting day.

Fire whom? Romney draws flak on eve of NH primary

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney stumbled down the homestretch of the New Hampshire primary.

Baby girl cut from mom`s womb found in US; 2 arrested

A baby girl cut from her mother`s womb was found and a woman arrested after acquaintances became suspicious of her claims that she was the baby`s mother, police said.