Norway calls for ending Gaza blockade, reconstruction

Norway on Monday called for ending the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and for an immediate restoration of the coastal enclave.

Three die in Norway dynamite accident

 Three people were killed Wednesday when dynamite when off unexpectedly as workers cut a passage under a railway line in central Norway, police said.

Donor conference in Cairo once lasting Gaza truce: Norway

International donors will meet in Cairo to pledge funds for the reconstruction of Gaza as soon as a lasting ceasefire is reached between Israel and the Palestinians, Norway announced today.

Norway calls off terror alert, says threat gone

Norway`s intelligence service says the Scandinavian country no longer faces an imminent terror threat from people with links to Islamic fighters in Syria.

Islamist militants planning attack in West have left Syria: Norway

A group of militant Islamists planning to carry out attacks in the West is on its way from Syria, possibly heading towards Norway, police said.

Islamist militant group may be planning attack in Norway: Police

An Islamist militant group with ties to Syria may be planning an attack in Norway, possibly within the coming days, Benedicte Bjoernland, the head of the Police Security Service, PST, said on Thursday.

Swede dies after jumping 600 metres from helicopter

A Swedish man died after he jumped from a helicopter above the North Sea while being taken to hospital in Norway, police said today.

Oslo imam attack case: Norwegian man of Pakistani origin arrested

A Norwegian man of Pakistani origin was arrested on Monday over the attempted murder of the imam of Oslo`s main mosque two weeks ago, police said.

US lawmakers press Obama to drop ambassador pick

House Democrats and Republicans are pressing US President Barack Obama to withdraw his nominee for US ambassador to Norway.

Norway offers financial aid to Iraq

The Norwegian government has offered Iraq 60 million Norwegian kroner (about $10 million) as financial aid to the war-torn country, a media report said Thursday.

Norway peace envoy keen to testify on Sri Lanka war: Report

A top Norwegian peace envoy said he is willing to testify to any international war crimes investigation over alleged rights abuses during Sri Lanka`s separatist conflict, a report said Sunday.

Divorce may be linked to obesity in kids: Study

Children of divorced parents may be at higher risk of being overweight or obese than those whose parents are married, a Norwegian study said.

Sri Lankan nationalist party asks Norway to send LTTE leader

A Sri Lankan nationalist party has asked Norway to immediately handover an Oslo-based LTTE leader to face a criminal trial in the country.

Norway pledges South Sudan aid ahead of donor conference

Norway announced a $63 million aid package to South Sudan on Monday, the eve of an Oslo conference to raise money for desperately needed humanitarian assistance in the conflict-torn country.

US rebuked Norway on Obama Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama`s administration rebuked Norway after he won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, saying it was an awkward honour for an as-yet untested leader, a Norwegian diplomat revealed on Thursday.

Norwegian general is first woman to lead UN force

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed the first woman to command a United Nations peacekeeping force a Norwegian general who has served in Lebanon, the first Gulf War, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Dalai Lama shrugs off Norway government snub

The Dalai Lama said today he held no grudges against Norway`s government after they decided not to meet him on his trip to Oslo in order to avoid further damaging already fragile relations with China.

Scepticism over joining EU remains strong in Norway

More Norwegians are against seeking European Union (EU) membership today than several decades ago, making the prospect of Norway joining the 28-member bloc look even dimmer, media reported Monday.

China agrees to decision of Norway, not to meet Dalai lama

China said on Monday that it was "paying attention" to a decision by Norway`s prime minister and foreign minister not to meet exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

Norwegian flight in emergency landing after bomb threat

A Norwegian Air Shuttle flight made an emergency landing in the Swedish city of Gothenburg on Friday after a passenger made a bomb threat, Swedish police said.