Four-day polio campaign kicks off in Pakistan

A four-day polio campaign started in Pakistan Monday with an aim to inoculate children against the disease.

2 more polio cases surface in Pakistan

Two new cases of polio have been reported in Pakistan, taking the number of those affected with the crippling disease this year to 166, a health official said today.

Polio virus finds two new victims in Pakistan

Two new cases of polio were reported from Pakistan Thursday, taking the total number of those affected this year with the crippling disease to 160, officials said.

Three new polio cases detected in Pakistan

Three new polio cases have been detected in Pakistan, media reported Friday.


Three new polio cases detected in Pakistan

Three new polio cases have been detected in Pakistan, Dawn online reported Thursday.

Pakistan running out of polio campaign funds

Pakistan's health ministry has said that if new funds are not arranged for the delayed anti-polio campaign, it is likely to halt after two months, Dawn online reported Thursday.

Combining vaccines boosts polio immunity: Study

New research suggests a one-two punch could help battle polio in some of the world`s most remote and conflict-torn regions: Giving a single vaccine shot to children who`ve already swallowed drops of an oral polio vaccine greatly boosted their immunity.

Deadly polio outbreak in Congo linked to mutant virus

The outbreak of polio infected 445 people and killed 47 percent of them, a rate much higher than a six percent death rate seen during an outbreak in Tajikistan the same year.

Two new polio cases found in Pakistan

Two new cases of crippling polio virus have been reported in Pakistan`s troubled northwestern region, bringing the total number of victims detected this year to 104, a health official said on Saturday.

Three new polio cases detected in Pakistan

Three new polio cases has been detected in Pakistan`s Khyber Agency region, a media report said Tuesday.

Vaccine firm warns against Pak polio threat

The large cases of polio virus in Pakistan pose a threat to its neighbours such as India, the world`s leading polio vaccine manufacturers has warned.

Four new polio cases detected in Pakistan

Four new polio cases have been detected in Pakistani areas bordering Afghanistan, a media report said Sunday.

Lack of co-ordination hampers vaccination drive in Pakistan

Lack of staff and proper co-ordination between the health department and the administration in Pakistan`s North Waziristan region is hampering the vaccination drive for displaced children, media reported Monday.

Muslim clerics attend conference on polio eradication in Pak

Influential Muslim clerics and scholars from across Pakistan and abroad attended a conference here aimed at bringing together the religious leaders and apprise them about the challenges of polio eradication, including mis-information spread in the name of religion.

Three new polio cases reported in Pakistan

Three new polio cases were detected Monday in Pakistan, media reported.

Pakistan imposes polio related travel bans on tribal regions

Pakistan on Thursday announced that residents of its restive tribal belt would not be able to travel to other parts of the country without getting vaccinating against polio.

Polio vaccine being given under army cover in Pakistan

Polio workers continued to administer polio drops Thursday under the protection of the army in Pakistan`s Khyber tribal region in the fourth phase of polio vaccination drive.

Satisfied with steps taken by Pakistan: WHO officials

WHO has been quite satisfied with the initial steps taken by the Pakistan government to stop wild poliovirus from spreading outside its borders, its polio chief Elias Durry said.

Pak asks WHO for 15-day grace period on polio restrictions

Pakistan today asked the WHO to assist it in the procurement of polio vaccine and allow a 15-day "grace period" before international travel restrictions are enforced on the country`s travelers.

Pakistan to set up polio vaccination points at airports

Pakistan Tuesday announced that it will set up mandatory polio immunisation points at its international airports, a day after the WHO imposed travel restrictions on it.