Ivory poaching could make elephants, rhinos extinct within 20 yrs
Ivory poaching could make elephants, rhinos extinct within 20 yrs

Conservation campaigners have let out the warning that due to poaching of ivory, elephants and rhinos could be wiped out within the next two decades.

New cricket match altitude record set on `roof of Africa`
New cricket match altitude record set on `roof of Africa`

A group of international cricketers on Friday set a new record for the highest-ever match with a lung busting effort at the top of Kilimanjaro.

Two rhinos from Kaziranga translocated to Manas

Two rhinos who were being nursed at the Kaziranga reserve Tuesday began their journey to Manas National Park with officials deciding to go ahead with their translocation.

Elephant escorts, special teams fail to save injured rhino

Elephant escorts stood guard and special teams monitored his wounds but the injuries inflicted by other rhinos during a fight proved too much for a 11-year-old rhino that died in Salukapur area here.

Ranchi Rhinos beat Delhi Waveriders 1-0

Ashley Jackson helped Ranchi Rhinos beat Delhi Waveriders 1-0 in their second outing in the Hockey India League here on Monday.

156 rhinos killed by poachers in last ten years in Assam

Altogether 156 rhinos were killed, including 40 during the current year alone, by poachers in Assam, a senior minister said.

Kaziranga National Park opens for tourists

The Kaziranga National Park (KNP), famed for its one-horned rhinos, opened to tourists Friday after it was routinely closed in May last before the onset of monsoons.

India urged to increase park security to protect rhinos

Concerned over growing incidents of poaching of rhinos, five Asian rhino range nations in a resolution asked India to take measures, including increased level of security to wildlife parks, to protect the vulnerable species.

Leonardo DiCaprio launches campaign to save rhinos and elephants

Leonardo DiCaprio helped World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launch a new animal rights campaign, the “Hands Off My Parts” initiative, on Monday.

39 rhinos killed in 10 months in Kaziranga Park

The death of 39 rhinos in and around the world-famous Kaziranga National Park in less than 10 months has brought to the fore the threat faced by the endangered animal.

19 rhinos killed in recent Assam floods

A total of 631 animals, including 19 rhinos, died in the recent floods in Kaziranga National Park of Assam, the Rajya Sabha was informed today.

Nearly 300 rhinos killed in South Africa this year

A total of 281 rhinos have been poached in South Africa this year, and 176 people arrested for the killings, state-run news agency reported.

Rhinos emerge champions in Jaipur Premier League

Man of the match Afroj Khan`s hurricane knock of 42 helped Rhinos beat Lions by 48 runs and emerge champions in the inaugural Jaipur Premier League.

220 rhinos killed in South Africa this year

At least 220 endangered rhinos were killed by poachers for their horns in South Africa since the beginning of this year, authorities said.

93 rhinos in Pabitora sanctuary

Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam recorded a rise in the number of the endangered one-horn rhinos during the past one year.

China farming Rhinos in wildlife reserves: Report

Rhinos, one of world`s most
endangered animals, are being farmed on Chinese wildlife
reserves to harvest their horns for medicinal purposes, a
report by international conservation monitors has claimed.

Prehistoric rhinos

The fossils kept in a museum in Mexico belonged to an ancient rhino species.

Poachers trying to poison rhinos in Assam`s national park

Forest authorities in Indian state of Assam have intensified patrol at a famed national park as there are fears that poacher gangs might try and kill animals by poisoning the grass instead of gunning down the wildlife.

Rhinos, other animals continue to face problem in Kaziranga

Already in the list of highly endangered species, the one-horned rhinos in Assam`s world famous Kaziranga National Park face additional threats during the rainy season - waters of Brahmaputra that flood the park.