Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe in `Nice Guys`

Actors Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe have been cast in Shane Black`s `Nice Guys`. The pair have been confirmed for the `Iron Man 3` director`s upcoming project, reportedly.

Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling to star in The Nice Guys?

Hollywood actors Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are set to star in Shane Black`s `The Nice Guys`.

Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe in `The Nice Guys`?

Actors Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are reportedly in negotiations to star in upcoming movie `The Nice Guys`.

Russell Crowe a closet karaoke fan: Amanda Seyfried

Russell Crowe is a closet karaoke fan who loves singing Adele`s hits, as revealed by his `Les Miserables` co-star Amanda Seyfried.

Hollywood director Aronofsky watches his `Noah` in Kochi

Hollywood director Darren Aronofsky, who has helmed `Noah`, caught the movie at a hall in Kochi in Kerala.

Jane Fonda joins Russell Crowe in `Fathers and Daughters`

Veteran actress Jane Fonda has signed on to star in the upcoming romantic drama `Fathers and Daughters`.

Russell Crowe starrer `Noah` tops weekend box office with $44M earnings

Russell Crowe starrer biblical blockbuster `Noah` had topped the weekend box office by earning 44 million dollars.

Noah`s criticism `irrational`, says Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe recently said that criticism that the film `Noah` has received was "irrational" and he was happy that audiences could finally see it for themselves.

Russell Crowe expected controversy over upcoming film `Noah`

Russell Crowe starrer ` Noah`, which has been banned in like Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE, has been snubbed by various Islam-based countries, but the actor said he fully expected the controversy.

Egypt`s Sunni Muslim institution issues fatwa over Russell Crowe`s `Noah`

Egypt`s Sunni Muslim institution Al Azhar has issued a fatwa against the Darren Aronofsky-produced `Noah.`

Russell Crowe asks Pope to attend screening of biblical film `Noah`

Russell Crowe is the latest celebrity to ask Pope Francis to attend the screening of his biblical drama ` Noah `

Olga Kurylenko lands role in Russell Crowe`s directorial debut

Olga Kurylenko is set to romance Russell Crowe in his directorial debut `The Water Diviner`.

Russell Crowe to play novelist in film

Actor Russell Crowe will play a novelist in forthcoming movie ‘Fathers and Daughters’.

Russell Crowe injures his feet

Russell Crowe has injured his feet and had to have PRP injections to help repair the Achilles tendons because he has been exercising too hard.

I`m sorry: Russell Crowe on missing `Man of Steel` premiere

Actor Russell Crowe has apologised to his fans in Japan after he missed the premiere of his movie `Man of Steel` in the country.

Russell Crowe gives thumbs up to Man of Steel prequel idea

Russell Crowe has admitted that he would be ready to reprise his role in the `Man of Steel` prequel, if it is ever made.

Russell Crowe keen to act in `Man of Steel` prequel

‘Gladiator’ actor Russell Crowe is keen to star in ‘Man of Steel’ prequel.

Russell Crowe apologizes for naked woman pic posted by twitter hacker

Russell Crowe has claimed that his Twitter account was hacked to send out a bizarre picture of a naked woman`s pubic region.

MJ pestered Russell Crowe with prank calls

Russell Crowe has revealed that he used be stalked by the late Michael Jackson.

Russell Crowe to make his directorial debut

Russell Crowe will make his directorial debut with `The Water Diviner` and will also star in the film.