French feminists put 'this toy is sexist' pamphlets in children's toys

French feminist group FierEs have included warning pamphlets saying "this toy is sexist," in the children's Christmas toys from plastic guns to Barbie dolls.

Serena Williams slams `sexist, racist` slur from Russian tennis boss
Serena Williams slams `sexist, racist` slur from Russian tennis boss

World number one Serena Williams lashed out at "sexist" and racist" comments from the head of Russian tennis Sunday after he jokingly called her and her sister Venus the "Williams brothers".

Music industry is sexist: Jack White
Music industry is sexist: Jack White

Rocker Jack White is convinced female musicians struggle to make it big in the industry because label executives fail to take them seriously.

Outgoing Australian politician says PM `a sexist`: Report

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is "a sexist" rather than a misogynist, a retiring politician from his party said in an interview Sunday, adding that he was just one of many in Parliament.

FIFA apologizes to Brazil for `advice` gaffe

FIFA performed an embarrassing U-turn and apologized, saying it had withdrawn publicity material for the World Cup in Brazil that poked fun at local customs.

Complaint against minister for sexist remarks on Mayawati

A complaint was filed with the National Commission for Women (NCW) against Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Om Prakash Singh for his sexist remarks against former chief minister Mayawati.

Australian PM Julia Gillard subject of `grossly sexist` menu

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wednesday accused the opposition of a pattern of misogynist behaviour.

Racist, sexist graffiti over new World Trade Center bathrooms

Workers in World Trade Center have been ordered to clean the racist and sexist graffiti symbolizing national unity in bathrooms.

Australian troops share ‘sexist and racist’ stuff on Facebook

The Australian Defence Force is investigating claims that several serving troops have posted racist and sexist material on a closed Facebook page.

Gisele Bundchen lingerie ad slammed for being ‘sexist rather than sexy’

A recent lingerie ad has been slammed for being sexist and reinforcing stereotypes of women as sex objects.

Berlusconi hosts another ‘bunga bunga’ party despite Italy’s crisis

Even as the Italian economy is on the verge of a financial meltdown, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi hosted another one of his infamous ``bunga bunga``.

`Sexist` Berlusconi`s `bunga bunga` party girls to break silence

More trouble seems to be brewing for Berlusconi after two girls invited to his infamous "bunga bunga" parties have decided to break their silence.

Mussolini fights Berlusconi’s ‘best female bums’ with ‘micro-penis’ offensive

Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra, has threatened to fight sexism.

Hollywood is `sexist`, feels Blake Lively

Blake Lively feels Hollywood is `sexist` and men are given better opportunities than women in the world of showbiz.

Vice Chancellor apologises for `sexist` comments

Facing flak from various quarters
for his alleged sexist comments on women writers, the Vice
Chancellor of a central university today tendered an
unconditional apology.