3.67 million-year-old 'Little Foot' is older relative of Lucy

A new study has revealed that old skeleton "little foot" is 3.67 million years old, which places it as an older relative of "Lucy."

Long-necked dinosaur discovered in China
Long-necked dinosaur discovered in China

University of Alberta paleontologists has discovered a new species of a long-necked dinosaur called Qijianglong from a skeleton found in China.

Recovery of eight human skulls to be investigated

Manipur government will hand over the investigation into the recovery of eight human skulls to a central investigating agency to find out the truth.

Mammoth skeleton sold for USD 300,000 at UK auction

A rare woolly mammoth skeleton has been bought by a private buyer for nearly USD 300,000 at a British auction.

Greece holds breath as skeleton found in Alexander-era tomb

Archaeologists are holding their breath that a skeleton found in a mysterious, richly-decorated tomb from the time of Alexander the Great will solve the riddle of who ancient Greece`s biggest burial mound was built for.

Ancient Russian's DNA sheds light on Neanderthal interbreeding

DNA extracted from the skeleton of a man who lived in Russia about 37,000 years ago is giving scientists new insights into the genetic history of Europeans including interbreeding that took place with Neanderthals more than 50,000 years ago.

Maharashtra: Unborn baby`s skeleton removed from woman`s womb after 36 years

In a rare surgery, a team of doctors from a city hospital removed the skeleton of an unborn baby from the womb of a 60-year-old woman after a span of 36 years, possibly the longest that the remains of an ectopic pregnancy were retained in a female body.

Museum rediscovers ancient skeleton in storage

An archaeology museum in Philadelphia has made an extraordinary find in its own storage rooms.

Scans reveal Britain`s Richard III not a `bunch-backed toad`

The Shakespearean depiction of notorious British king Richard III as a "bunch-backed toad" is a "complete fabrication", according to results of scans of the monarch`s recently-discovered skeleton that were published Friday.

Prehistoric skeleton confirms first American origins

Researchers said Thursday that they have identified a nearly complete skeleton in an underwater Mexican cave, a discovery that could help resolve a longstanding debate about the origins of the first people to inhabit the Americas.

Twisted skeleton found in UK car park may not belong to Richard III

A Richard III expert has said that the skeleton found in the Leicester car park may not be the missing monarch.

3,200-year-old skeleton with cancer found in Sudan

Archaeologists have discovered 3,200-year-old skeleton of a young man with a spreading form of cancer, the oldest known example of the disease often linked to a modern lifestyle.

`Microbial Pompeii` on 1,000-year-old skeletons` teeth discovered

Researchers have discovered a ` microbial Pompeii` preserved on the teeth of skeletons around 1,000 years old.

`Skeletons of `Mona Lisa` and her kin due for DNA testing`

DNA testing of bones inside the tomb, in the Martyrs` Crypt behind the main altar of Florence`s Basilica della Santissima Annuziata, could confirm that researchers have found the remains of Mona Lisa.

Skeleton found in Manipur area witness to World War II

A skeleton, suspected to be that of a Japanese soldier killed during the Second World War, was found in Manipur`s Bishenpur district which had witnessed a fierce battle between the Japanese and British forces.

US returns stolen dinosaur skeleton to Mongolia

Million dollar dino! The US has returned a 70-million-year-old skeleton of a dinosaur which was smuggled from Mongolia and auctioned for more than USD one million.

Skeleton found is that of Sandhya Singh: Police

The DNA test conducted on the skeleton recovered from Navi Mumbai has confirmed that the remains were that of Sandhya Singh.

Skeleton found in UK car park dig confirmed as English king Richard III

Ending months of speculation, scientists on Monday confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a car park here indeed belongs to 15th-century King Richard III, the most notorious monarch in English history.

Skeletal remains found in Navi Mumbai linked to missing woman

Police suspect the remains could be of Sandhya Singh, the sister of yesteryear actresses Sulakshana and Vijeta Pandit, who has not been seen since last month.

Perfectly-preserved woolly mammoth skeleton unearthed near Paris

A well conserved skeleton of a woolly mammoth Helmut from at least 200,000 years ago has been dug up near Paris, it has been revealed.