How smartphone batteries can last longer

At a time when scientists the world over are looking for ways to extend smartphone battery life, a new study suggests that rapid charging and draining does not damage lithium ion electrodes as much as earlier thought.

Shun smartphone addiction with this surrogate model
Shun smartphone addiction with this surrogate model

Are you addicted to your smartphone and cannot find time for social outings? Try this NoPhone to shun the virtual world and stay closer to reality.

App to track dietary data, helps lose weight

 If you plan to lose weight, some apps can do the job for you more efficiently by reliably tracking dietary data and preparing what suits your body the most, say researchers.

Now control your feet's temperature with smartphone
Now control your feet's temperature with smartphone

With winters knocking at your door, you have every reason to smile, especially when a new device called Digitsole is here to keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long. 

Addicted to your phone? You could be suffering from Nomophobia!

Has your smartphone become like your limb without which you cannot live? Do you suffer from withdrawl symptoms when you are asked to part with it even for a minute? 

Smartphone app to detect underlying heart condition

How about an app that can detect in a jiffy if you are suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF), a serious type of heart arrhythmia that is often a precursor to stroke?

Now AR Rahman app for your phone

Oscar winning music composer A.R. Rahman has announced the launch of an app for his fans to help them connect conveniently with him and his music.

App turns smartphone into spy gadget

How about turning your smartphone into a spy gadget? It`s possible with a new app.

Are you suffering from `always on` stress?

Are you a victim of "always on" stress? Give your smartphone worries a break even if the battery goes dead or there are no signals to connect to a call.

Dumb smartphone thief posts selfie on victim`s Facebook

In a freak episode, a dumb smartphone thief has posted his selfie on the victim`s Facebook page in the US.

Yahoo bolsters local search with Zofari app

Yahoo said Tuesday it was bolstering its local search capabilities by absorbing the team from the smartphone recommendation app Zofari.

A career in mobile apps

A growing numbers of smartphone users has led to an increase in demand for mobile app developers who keep you tuned in all the time.

Delhi Police launches Whatsapp helpline to curb corruption

Smartphones and the popular chat messenger - WhatsApp - in it has now turned into an effective weapon against errant policemen.

Whatsapp-equipped smartphones to catch corrupt policemen

The next time a police officer seeks a bribe or harasses you, don`t feel frustrated. Help is at hand, literally in the form of your smartphone equipped with chat application Whatsapp.

Mobile apps help doctors treat patients via smartphones

Many medical phone apps have recently gained popularity that allows doctors to diagnose their patients through text messages or video-chat on smartphones.

How crowdsourcing can keep your weight down

Avid users of smartphone apps may find it a lot easier to stick to a healthy diet through crowdsourcing, keeping their weight in check in the process, says a study.

World`s fastest external phone charger developed

Researchers have invented the world`s `fastest` external phone charger which ends the need to plug your smartphone into a wall electricity socket and can charge your device in just 15 minutes.

Soon, pee to power your smartphone, tablets

NASA astronomers are trying to turn pee into pure drinking water. Back on earth, pee can soon be commercially used to charge smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones to drive future cars

Hold on to that steering. Cars of the future are set to get rid of traditional controls like buttons and switches and have a touchscreen smartphone for your driving comfort and overall safety.

Your smartphone will soon analyze your DNA!

Researchers are developing new display sensors for smartphones that will read the user`s spit to not only detect the body temperature, but also analyze the DNA.