The Men Behind the Godmen

Godmen have been dominating our news channels lately, which got me into thinking why. Unfortunately, most of them have been in the news for all the wrong reasons like monetary scams, molestation, fraudulent practices and the like.

With society going into abyss, spiritual gurus have a moral role to save it: Baba Ramdev

Extolling virtues like truth, self-sacrifice and service on Zee Media, the spiritual guru warns that Indian society is on the decline. The resurgence won’t come until change begins at the level of society.

God bless these Godmen

Some spiritual gurus have no control over their blabbering tongue.

Spiritual gurus` yatras politically motivated: Cong

The Congress on Thursday alleged that
various yatras undertaken by spiritual `gurus` has the backing
of one political party or the other.

`Spiritual gurus should shun politics`

The head of a spiritual organisation which propagates the `Gayatri mantra` has urged spiritual leaders to shun politics at all costs.