Massive solar flare can damage communications on Earth
Massive solar flare can damage communications on Earth

The most powerful solar flare ever is beginning to rotate to a position directly in line with Earth that, if it hits the ground, can send GPS and communication signals out of gear, the NASA reported.

Sun's real time energy measured for first time in lab
Sun's real time energy measured for first time in lab

A neutrino experiment has successfully measured the energy of sun in real time that helped in detecting the neutrinos produced by nuclear reactions inside the solar mass.

Universe`s earliest stars were monstrous: Study

Little is known about the universe`s earliest stars but if we believe astronomers, they might have been hundreds of times more massive than the sun.

Fluorine in toothpaste came from sun`s dead ancestors!

The fluorine in your toothpaste was likely formed billions of years ago in now dead stars of the same type as our sun, astronomers said.

Unraveling mystery of sun`s birth comes closer to reality

Scientists have made progress in finding out how the sun was born.

NASA`s Messenger to observe Mercury closely

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft which was sent to study the Mercury 10 years back, will observe the planet at lower altitudes.

ESA`s Rosetta measures its comet`s temperature for 1st time

ESA`s Rosetta spacecraft has recently measured the temperature of its target comet for the first time.

Earth may not be able to dodge dangerous `solar bullet` again

Scientists have recently revealed that Earth might not be able to avoid a solar flare, like it did in 2012, and it could leave the planet with devastating consequences.

Why sun`s atmosphere is hotter than its surface revealed

NASA has recently gathered information that could explain the mystery relating to why sun`s atmosphere is hotter than its surface.

How living things capture energy from the Sun decoded

A specific combination of lipids contributes to how living creatures capture sunlight and convert it into energy, a new study suggests.

2012`s `Solar flare` could have pushed Earth into dark age

NASA has recently revealed that Earth nearly missed a solar flare, or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that might have plunged the planet towards a global catastrophe on July 23, 2012.

Solar storm could have plunged world into darkness in 2012

Earth had a near miss with a solar flare from the most powerful storm on the Sun in over 150 years that could have caused widespread power blackouts, scientists say.

Earth missed solar catastrophe two years ago: NASA

In a sensational revelation, NASA has said that the Earth had a near miss July 23,2012 with a giant solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the most powerful solar storm on the sun in over 150 years.

Self-cooling solar cells to last longer

What if a solar cell could keep itself cool even in the blistering heat of the sun?

Now, 3D-print a nebula at home!

Ever dreamed of holding a nebula in your hands? Thanks to NASA, this may now be a reality as the first high-resolution three-dimensional model of the expanding cloud produced by a massive star`s eruption is now available to all.

Observatory sheds light on last acts of first stars

XMM-Newton observatory has helped scientists to discover how the Universe`s first stars ended their lives in giant explosions from the recent detection of a gamma-ray burst from a massive blue supergiant.

Ages of sun-like stars revealed via gyrochronology

A new technique called gyrochronology has helped the scientists to determine the accurate ages of the Sun-like stars from its rotation period.

NASA discovers fast neutrons emitting from Sun`s outer layer

NASA`s MESSENGER spacecraft has discovered part of the outer layer of the Sun that is sending out modestly energetic subatomic particles called fast neutrons, which flowed past Mercury into space.

NASA captures `mid-level` solar flare

NASA has captured mid-level solar flares at its Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Voyager 1 now in inter-stellar space

Thirty-seven years after it was launched, Voyager 1 is not only alive and kicking, but continuing its journery into the great void.