India-Bangladesh collaboration can save Sunderbans: Experts

India and Bangladesh must collaborate to facilitate and maintain a flow of fresh water round the year to save the Sunderbans mangrove ecosystem, scientists said here Saturday.

Tiger strays from Sunderbans, triggers panic in area
Tiger strays from Sunderbans, triggers panic in area

The discovery of a tiger's pugmark today triggered panic in Kultali area of South 24 Parganas district.

Sunderbans' water getting toxic: Scientists

Climate change is causing toxic metals trapped in the sediment beds of the Hooghly estuary in the Indian Sunderbans to leach out into the water system due to changes in ocean chemistry, say scientists, warning of potential human health hazards.

Fisherman killed by tiger in Sunderbans

A 45-year-old fisherman, who was fishing in River Matla in the Sunderbans along with four of his mates, was killed by a tiger, a Forest official said today.

Sunderbans mangrove trees losing capacity to absorb CO2: Study

The vast mangrove forest in the Sunderbans is fast losing its capacity to absorb carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases, from the atmosphere due to rise in the salinity of water, rampant deforestation and pollution, a study has found.

Rare species of turtles to be released in Sunderbans

A bale of a rare species of Northern River Terrapin or Sunderbans Batagur turtles, which is considered critically endangered across the globe, will be released in the Sunderbans in mid-2014.

BSF jawans in Sunderbans, Kutch to get hardship allowance

BSF jawans deployed in Sunderbans in West Bengal and Rann of Kutch in Gujarat will be given a hardship allowance every month, Sushilkumar Shinde said.

Crocodile raids Sunderbans village for food

An estuarine crocodile has been raiding a village at Pathar Pratima area of Sunderbans in South 24-Parganas district for goats and other livestock, forest department officials said.

Bengal comes up with new plans for Sunderbans

In a bid to attract more tourits, the state Tourism Department is planning to start a world class project in the Sunderbans under public-private partnership model and will also start a Tiger Project there.

Belinda Wright slams mainstream tourism in Sunderbans

Tiger conservationist Belinda Wright has slammed the idea of large-scale tourism in the Sunderbans, saying "it would be a complete disaster".

A third of all kids in Sunderbans are malnourished

With rampant malnutrition among children in the Sunderbans, the world`s largest mangrove forests, experts have called for a change in the health system strategy and zoomed in on the gaps in the public healthcare system.

Delhi among five Indian hotspots of illegal trade of tigers

Delhi, Sunderbans and the Western Ghats are among the hotspots of illegal trade of tigers, their parts and products, says a new global report.

Delhi among 5 hotspots of illegal trade of tigers

Delhi, Sunderbans and the Western Ghats are among the hotspots of illegal trade of tigers, their parts and products, says a new global report.

Melanistic leopard cat sighted in Sunderbans?

During a camera trapping exercise by WWF-India to estimate the population of tigers in South 24-Parganas forest division, images of two black cats with long tails were found for the first time.

Shrinking Sunderbans push Royal Bengal tigers to the edge

Fast-disappearing mangrove forests of the Sundarbans pose a question mark over the future of the Royal Bengal Tiger, an endangered species, say scientists.

`Concrete embankments along Sunderbans an ecological disaster`

The fragile ecology of the Sundarbans delta, is now facing a fresh threat from large-scale construction of concrete embankments all over the islands.

Sunderbans poster boy of climate change`s ill effects: Study

The Sunderbans, a world heritage site, is becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate change.

Bengal clears acquisition of 3700 acres in Sunderbans

West Bengal cabinet has cleared acquisition of 3700 acres in Sunderbans for building new embankments and restoring those damaged by the Aila cyclone.

15% of Sunderbans will be submerged: UNDP report

An estimated 15% of the Sunderbans delta will go under the sea by 2020.

Rare white crocodiles bred in Sunderbans

Two rare white crocodiles, born at the Bhagabatpur crocodile breeding park, are catching the fancy of tourists visiting the delta region here.