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Police's job extends beyond surveillance of rivals: Shiv Sena

In a veiled attack at the Home Department which is headed by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Shiv Sena on Saturday said the job of police is "much more than just keeping political rivals and one's own people under surveillance".

Terrorists in J&K using 'calculator' to avoid surveillance by Army

Terrorists in J&K using 'calculator' to avoid surveillance by Army

The Army's signal unit is burning midnight oil along with NTRO and other agencies to crack this mechanism used by the terrorists.

Several radical mosques under surveillance: German intelligence head

Dozens of radical mosques in Germany are currently being closely watched, Germany's domestic intelligence agency BfV said on Monday.

Surveillance of sex offenders on the cards

The minister suggested that the offenders of heinous crimes should be mandated to provide their personal details to the local law enforcement agency on regular basis.

App that helps activists, scribes in high-risk areas

 Human rights activists and journalists who are more at risk than ever nowadays have got a lifesaver in a new app that gives them latest tools and advice on how to operate securely in high-risk places.

Vodafone says govts have direct access to eavesdrop in some countries

Vodafone, the world`s second-biggest mobile phone company, said government agencies in a small number of countries in which it operates have direct access to its network, enabling them to listen in to calls.

Solar drone stays aloft for record 7 days

The latest model of Zephyr is around 50 percent bigger than earlier versions.

India to build intelligent satellite for surveillance

India is set to develop a dedicated network-centric communication intelligence satellite for detecting conversations and espionage activities in the region, a top defence scientist said Tuesday.