Swaziland bans MPs from divorce to spare king`s blushes

Swaziland`s Senate chief said on Friday lawmakers should not divorce to avoid embarrassing the country`s polygamous king, who has declared that only death can undo marriages.

Swaziland votes in Parliamentary Elections

Voters in Africa`s tiny mountain kingdom of Swaziland began casting ballots on Friday for a new Parliament, in an election dismissed by critics as a rubber stamp for King Mswati III`s absolute rule.

Swazi chief bans miniskirts and trousers for women

A Swaziland chief banned women from wearing miniskirts and trousers at a two-day nomination process that got under way on Sunday to select candidates for upcoming elections.

Woman flees to Britain, refusing to join Swaziland King`s harem

Tintswalo Ngobeni fled to Britain after she caught the attention of the millionaire monarch, known for his lavish lifestyle.

Swaziland gets first female Anglican bishop

Ellinah Wamukoya, 61, was consecrated Saturday to serve as the church`s bishop in Swaziland, a tiny, impoverished nation surrounded by South Africa that is the continent`s last absolute monarchy.

Swaziland King’s 6th wife leaves harem over abuse

Swaziland King Mswati’s alleged marital troubles come amid continuing difficulties for the monarch.

Swaziland withdraw from 2013 Nations Cup qualifiers

Swaziland have withdrawn from the 2013 African Nations Cup, just a week before the side were due to play the first leg of a preliminary round match.

I am living like a prisoner: Swaziland`s Queen

Queen Nothando Dube has said she is under "house arrest".

Swaziland protests overwhelmed by violence

Swaziland`s campaigners are urging determination in the face of police.

Swaziland justice minister ‘caught hiding in queen’s bed’

The minister was caught having an affair with one of the king’s 14 wives.

Swaziland minister quits over affair with king`s wife

A Swaziland government minister has been forced to resign amid rumours that he had an affair with one of the 14 wives of King Mswati III.

India offers USD 10 mn line of credit to Swaziland

India has offered line of
credit of USD 10 million to Swaziland to set up a Science and
Technology Park.