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Evidence of massive quakes found in New Zealand

Geologists for the very first time have found direct evidence of massive earthquakes beneath central New Zealand capable of generating tsunamis.

1,000 m wide mammoth asteroid set to skim past Earth on Friday at 23,000 mph

1,000 m wide mammoth asteroid set to skim past Earth on Friday at 23,000 mph

 A 1,000 m wide mammoth asteroid, which is travelling at more than 23,000 mph in space, is predicted to skim past Earth on Friday.

Internet at bottom of ocean to detect tsunamis

Internet goes underwater! Scientists are developing a system of sensors to conquer the internet`s final frontier: the deep sea.

Key factor that causes some tsunamis to be more devastating found

Researchers have identified a key component in some earthquakes that cause some tsunamis to be larger and more devastating than previous models had forecast.

Makran subduction zone in Arabian Sea most prone to quakes, tsunamis: Study

The Arabian Sea at the Makran subduction zone is more prone to earthquakes and tsunami hazards than scientists had predicted earlier, a recent research has revealed.

Sea floor earthquake zones can magnify tsunamis beyond what was thought possible

The earthquake zones off of certain coasts-like those of Japan and Java-make them especially vulnerable to tsunamis, a new study has revealed.

Scientists develop tool to predict tsunamis, landslides

Landslide probabilities can be predicted by establishing rainstorm threshold totals for any area on the globe.

Sensors to detect tsunamis, quakes

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization monitoring centre in Vienna, Austria, spotted Japanese quake.

Tsunamis in the past 10 years

A massive earthquake measuring 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale hit Japan on Friday.

Haitian quake triggered tsunamis: Scientists

The January 12 quake was in tectonic terms a surprisingly complex affair, according to new research.

Mega quake also set off swarm of unusual tsunamis in Haiti

Scientists have determined that the devastating January 12 earthquake in Haiti also set off a swarm of unusual tsunamis, which killed three and destroyed several homes.