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US Senate rejects move to block F-16 sale to Pakistan

A resolution moved in the US Senate intended to block F-16 aircraft sale to Pakistan has been rejected.

Janet Yellen: world`s most powerful central banker

The US Senate`s approval on Monday of Janet Yellen to lead the US Federal Reserve puts a woman at the head of the world`s most powerful central bank for the first time.

Janet Yellen gets final approval to head US Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen, a key force behind the Federal Reserve`s unprecedented and controversial efforts to boost the U.S. economy, was confirmed by the Senate on Monday to lead the central bank just as it begins to unwind that stimulus.

US Senate poised to confirm Janet Yellen as Fed chair

The US Senate, kicking off its 2014 session on Monday, intends to waste no time making history as it moves to approve Janet Yellen to be the first woman to head the Federal Reserve.

Asia shares climb on Fed commitment, dollar jumps

Asian share markets rallied on Thursday as a Federal Reserve commitment to low rates offset a long-dreaded decision to taper stimulus, sending Wall Street to record heights and the dollar galloping above 104.00 yen for the first time since 2008.

US Senate passes budget deal, focus shifts to spending

The US Senate on Wednesday passed a two-year budget deal to ease automatic spending cuts and reduce the risk of another government shutdown, shifting the focus to a spending measure that Congress must pass by January 15.

US budget deal: another kick down the road?

US Senate leaders announced a deal Wednesday to resolve the budget and debt ceiling impasse that threatened to force the country to default on its obligations.

US Senate leaders agree to raise debt ceiling, end shutdown

The US Senate announced a last-minute deal on Wednesday to avert a historic lapse in the government’s borrowing ability and a potentially damaging debt default, and to reopen the government after a two-week shutdown.

US shutdown ends as Senate Democrats, Republicans strike deal

According to reports, US Senate leaders on Wednesday agreed to raise the debt limit from the existing USD 16.7 trillion cap and reopen federal agencies that have been closed for two weeks.

US lawmakers close to deal on debt ceiling, reopening government

The US Senate appeared ready to announce a last-minute deal on Wednesday to avert a historic lapse in the government`s borrowing ability and a potentially damaging debt default.

US debt ceiling day October 17: What happens?

The US Treasury says that starting Thursday it will not have enough cash to pay its bills unless Congress increases the USD 16.7 trillion cap on its power to borrow more money.

Senate in spotlight as US on brink of possible default

US lawmakers embarked on another day of high-stakes political brinkmanship Wednesday, battling to scrape together an eleventh hour deal to protect Washington`s battered financial standing.

US shutdown blues: From end of earth to outer space

The US government shutdown, now in its 16th day, has forced hundreds of thousands of federal workers to stay home and restricted many government services.

US debt default imminent as frantic political attempts fail

Frantic attempts to persuade House Republicans to lift the federal debt limit collapsed Tuesday night, leaving Washington careering toward a critical deadline of October 17 to raise the country's debt ceiling.

US lawmakers begin last-ditch effort on debt ceiling

The US Senate prepared for a last ditch effort Wednesday to avoid a historic lapse in the government`s borrowing authority, a breach that President Barack Obama has said could lead to default and deliver a damaging blow to the global economy.

Obama rejects House Republican debt plan, shutdown continues

Efforts to end the US government shutdown and avoid a debt default before the October 17 deadline remained elusive as the White House Tuesday dismissed the latest House Republican proposal to resolve the impasse, alleging it was tantamount to "ransom".

US shutdown: Budget rift pushes Washington to the brink

Washington`s risky game of political brinkmanship neared crisis point Tuesday, with no deal yet nailed down to avoid a catastrophic US debt default, just 36 hours before a crucial deadline.

US senators close to deal to end 14-day-old shutdown

US senators say they are closing in on a deal that would reopen the government and push back a possible debt default for several months, though many hurdles remain.