Minor child custody: US court judgement not binding on woman

Madras High Court has dismissed a petition by a man to declare as binding on his wife the judgement of a US court in a matter of him seeking permanent custody of his minor child, saying it was not conclusive and binding on her and also not enforceable within jurisdiction of Indian courts.

Islamic group fundraiser faces US terror charges

An alleged fundraiser for a violent extremist group that supports the so-called Islamic State faced terrorism charges in US court Monday.

Ex-FIFA official Jeffrey Webb to enter plea on US charges
Ex-FIFA official Jeffrey Webb to enter plea on US charges

Jeffrey Webb, one of seven high-ranking officials of soccer`s world governing body FIFA who were arrested in Switzerland on U.S. corruption charges, was due to enter a plea in court on Saturday after being extradited to the United States.

Facebook death threat not grounds for conviction: US court

The US Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a death threat posted on Facebook was not enough to convict its author unless there was explicit intent to cause harm.

Mexican cartel leader pleads guilty in US court

One of the alleged leaders of the Mexican Sinaloa cartel pleaded guilty to drug trafficking Wednesday in US federal court in California, officials said.

Boxing fans accuse Manny Pacquiao of concealing injury
Boxing fans accuse Manny Pacquiao of concealing injury

Boxer Manny Pacquiao has been sued in several U.S. courts by people who said they paid to watch him fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the "Fight of Century" but felt defrauded by Pacquiao`s failure to disclose a pre-bout shoulder injury.

Would-be Reagan assassin seeks expanded freedom in Virginia

Would-be US presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. should be allowed to reside full time away from the mental hospital where he has lived since shooting Ronald Reagan in 1981, his lawyer argued in federal court on Wednesday.

US court overturns conviction of Australian once held at Guantanamo

A U.S. military appeals court on Wednesday threw out the conviction of Australian David Hicks on a terrorism-related charge, saying the activity for which he was convicted did not become a crime until years after he was captured in Afghanistan.

Petition filed in US to designate RSS as terror group

A Sikh rights group has filed a lawsuit asking a federal court here to designate RSS as a "foreign terrorist organisation".

US seeks life in prison for London imam convicted on terror charges

 US prosecutors on Friday urged a federal judge to sentence London imam Abu Hamza al-Masri to life in prison following his conviction on terrorism charges.

US court to hear 1984 Sikh rights violation case on Dec 2

A US appeals court will hear next month the 1984 Sikh rights violation case filed by a rights group against the Congress party.

First Afghanistan foreign fighter in US for trial

New York: A Russian was brought before a US court Tuesday to face terrorism-related charges after being held for years in Afghanistan as a suspected foreign fighter.

PM Narendra Modi 'ring fenced' against summons

India on Friday made it very clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived here on a five-day visit, was "ring fenced" and there was no question of anyone serving any summons on him and that an action in the matter was underway.

US court summons against Modi a "propaganda" by "rejected" elements: BJP

BJP on Friday said the allegations in a US lawsuit against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his alleged role in Gujarat riots are "baseless" and a "false propaganda" by certain "frustated" elements rejected by the world.

US court renews phone surveillance programme

A US court overseeing spy agencies has renewed the government's authority to carry out a controversial phone surveillance programme for another three months, federal bodies have said, attributing it to the delay in the passage of the surveillance reform bill by the Senate.

Violence against Sikhs: Manmohan Singh immune as PM, not as FM, rules US court

A US court here has ruled that former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh had "head of state immunity" from claims that he supported violence against Sikhs, but it did not cover his tenure as finance minister.

Union Carbide can`t be sued for Bhopal plant contamination: US court

In a major blow to victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, a US court here has ruled that the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) cannot be sued for the ongoing contamination from the chemical plant.

Manmohan Singh continues to enjoy immunity: DoJ tells US court

Former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh continues to enjoy immunity in an alleged human rights violation case filed against him in a US court even though he is no longer the head of the State, the US Department of Justice has said.