Hillary Clinton says 'sorry' for confusion over email account

 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Friday she was sorry that her use of a personal email account while secretary of state caused confusion, in her most contrite comments yet about the issue.

'Deez Nuts' endorses Sanders, Kasich in presidential bid

 Bernie Sanders and John Kasich, the Democratic and Republican candidates have received a "key endorsement" from "Deez Nuts", a 15-year-old boy who grabbed headlines in the run up to the US presidential polls and gave stiff fight to frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump narrows Clinton gap to just six points: Poll

 Real estate mogul Donald Trump is growing increasingly competitive in a general election matchup against Hillary Clinton, trailing the Democratic frontrunner by six points in a Wednesday poll that shows the race tightening.

Kasich suddenly a real contender in White House race

 As many Americans engage in a summer flirtation with outsider Republican presidential hopefuls, one of the most battle-hardened politicians in the 2016 race, Ohio Governor John Kasich, is rapidly gaining ground.

Polls show marginal improvement in Bobby Jindal's popularity

Indian-American Republican US presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has shown marginal improvement in his popularity ratings in the crucial primary State of Iowa, according to a latest opinion poll.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie announces 2016 presidential run

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, which has one of the largest Indian-American population in a US state, on Tuesday launched his bid for president, joining the already crowded presidential race of his Republican party.

Donald Trump jumps into 2016 White House race

After Bush family scion Jeb Bush, real estate mogul and TV reality star Donald Trump finally jumped into the 2016 White House race, making the crowded field of Republican contenders a round dozen.

Republican-turned-Democrat Lincoln Chafee joins 2016 US race

Lincoln Chafee, a former US senator and Rhode Island governor who was a longtime Republican before switching to the Democratic Party, launched his 2016 presidential campaign on Wednesday.

O`Malley launches White House bid, knocks rival Clinton

Former Maryland governor Martin O`Malley, a onetime Hillary Clinton loyalist, launched his White House campaign Saturday, warning the Democratic frontrunner that the presidency was not her "crown" for the taking.

Hillary Clinton starts White House campaign with small-town meetings

Hillary Rodham Clinton is making her 2016 presidential campaign debut in Iowa at a small-town gathering, part of a concerted effort to tamp down big expectations and hold personal "conversations" with voters.

As Hillary Clinton stumps for Democrats, 2016 looms large

Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail Wednesday to support a Democratic Senate hopeful, one of several events that could offer sneak peeks at her 2016 presidential aspirations.

`Hillary Clinton would dominate 2016 Iowa caucuses`

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be a dominant favorite in the 2016 Iowa caucuses if she chooses to run for president, a new survey shows.

Barack Obama wins US Presidential polls, courtesy women

US President Barack Obama campaign’s heavy focus on women’s issues for the past one year paid off in a big way, resulting him winning the White House race.

Small town in New Hampshire to cast first ballot in US polls

Residents of a small township in the New Hampshire State would be the first to cast their ballot just shortly after midnight.

US elections: Obama, Romney in final blitz to sway voters in tied race

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney Monday headed for a final blitz in battleground states to swing voters their way ahead of Tuesday`s election.

Obama, Romney tied in exceedingly close race

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in an exceedingly narrow race with the challenger viewed as a stronger leader on the economy.

US President to be sworn in on January 21

The next US President to be elected through on November 6 polls will be sworn in on January 21 and not on January 20, as it falls on a Sunday.

Now, Romney refuses to appear on kids’ channel

Mitt Romney has turned down a request to appear on Nickelodeon’s election special, his campaign has announced.

Romney leads Obama in polls as Prez race nears

Mitt Romney has taken a lead of less than a per cent over US President Barack Obama, major national surveys say.

‘Obama campaign needs little bit of drama’

American actress Vivica Fox has said President Barack Obama should add a little bit of drama to his presidential campaign.