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Venezuela crisis enters pivotal week, Maduro foes protest

The opposition, which has now won majority backing after years in the doldrums during the rule of Maduro`s predecessor Hugo Chavez, also held nationwide rallies in the afternoon in honor of protesters slain during the crisis.


Defying Donald Trump threat, Venezuela to press controversial congress

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro`s government on Tuesday vowed to proceed with plans for a controversial new congress despite what it called a "brutal interventionist" threat by Washington to impose economic sanctions.

7.1 million Venezuelans vote in opposition referendum

7.1 million Venezuelans vote in opposition referendum

A 61-year-old woman was killed and four people wounded by gunfire that erupted after government supporters on motorcycles swarmed an opposition polling site in a church in the traditionally pro-government Catia neighborhood of western Caracas.

Venezuela opposition holds unofficial plebiscite to defy President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela`s opposition held an unofficial referendum on Sunday to increase pressure on President Nicolas Maduro as he seeks to create a legislative superbody that his adversaries call the consolidation of a dictatorship.

At least 123 Venezuelan soldiers detained since protests: Documents

Venezuelans view the armed forces as the key power broker in their country. Opposition leaders have repeatedly exhorted military leaders to break with socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Plane crashes off Venezuelan island with nine people aboard

At least 100 people are participating in a search for the aircraft.

Venezuela vows to fend off 'coup' after grenade attack

The socialist president put the military on alert after the attack, a potentially dramatic escalation of the violence gripping the oil-rich South American country.

Helicopter hurled grenades at Venezuela Supreme Court: President Nicolas Maduro

Earlier on Tuesday, Maduro repeated claims of a US-backed coup attempt and angrily warned President Donald Trump that Venezuela would fight back against such a move.


US lists China among worst human trafficking offenders

US lists China among worst human trafficking offenders

The State Department downgraded China in its annual "Trafficking in Persons Report," saying Beijing is doing little to combat the phenomenon or protect its victims. 

Mexico rejects Donald Trump claim that it is the world`s second most violent country

US-Mexico relations have been testy since Trump took office in January after a campaign in which he vowed to build a wall along the shared border, bashed Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists, and promised to renegotiate the NAFTA with Mexico and Canada.

Venezuela protest deaths rise to 72 after two killed

Two protesters, both aged 20, died Thursday during anti-government demonstrations in separate regions of Venezuela, bringing the total deaths in more than two months of protests to 72.

Venezuela prosecutor challenges crisis reform plan

Venezuela`s attorney general on Thursday mounted a fresh legal challenge against President Nicolas Maduro`s efforts to rewrite the constitution in a deadly political crisis.

Jailed Venezuela opposition leader urges more anti-Maduro protests

Zapatero is leading an effort to build dialogue between the opposition and Maduro`s government to de-escalate the situation.

Venezuela to push ahead with assembly in July despite unrest

At least 53 people have been killed as a result of unrest that began in early April.

Venezuela Supreme Court judges hit with U.S. sanctions

Venezuela`s latest wave of anti-government unrest has left at least 45 people dead in the last six weeks.

Donald Trump says Venezuela crisis a `disgrace to humanity`

Venezuelan people suffering from a collapsing economy brought about by their government`s mismanagement.

Venezuela hopes no country hinders China's 'fantastic' Silk Road initiative

Venezuela hopes no country hinders China's 'fantastic' Silk Road initiative

China`s Belt and Road initiative is 'fantastic' but obstacles could arise from some countries who see it as a potential threat, a senior official from Venezuela said on Sunday.

More protests planned in Venezuela as death toll reaches 32

University students in Venezuela will lead a fresh round of marches against President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday, a day after police fired tear gas and protesters hurled Molotov cocktails in rallies against his plan to rewrite the constitution.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calls for new constitution

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calls for new constitution

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday called for the creation of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution.

Third person killed in Venezuela protests: Government

Third person killed in Venezuela protests: Government

A third person, a man, was killed Monday raising the number of people killed in three weeks of massive demonstrations to 24, state television reported.