Vietnam passes law abolishing death penalty for 7 crimes

Death sentences imposed on corrupt Vietnamese officials will now be commuted to life in prison if they pay back at least 75 per cent of the illegal money they made.

Facebook user Phuc Dat Bich says name is a 'prank'

The prankster "Phuc Dat Bich" gained more than 45,000 new followers after his spoof posts.

Details out: What Rahul Gandhi did during his two-month-long sabbatical
Details out: What Rahul Gandhi did during his two-month-long sabbatical

As per a report, the Congress MP travelled to four Southeast Asian nations between February-April 2015.

China slams United Nations for 'irresponsible' criticism of deportations

China on Monday accused the United Nations of making "irresponsible remarks" in its recent criticism of China, Thailand and Vietnam over deportations, insisting none of those deported were refugees.

China slams UN for 'irresponsible' criticism of deportations

Beijing's mission to the UN in Geneva insisted the Chinese pair were not refugees.

Envoys in Afghanistan, Vietnam appointed as secretaries in MEA

Senior diplomats Amar Sinha and Preeti Saran, India's Ambassadors to Afghanistan and Vietnam respectively, were on Monday appointed as secretaries in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Vietnam wants friendly relations with both US and China

Vietnam's Defence Minister says his country wants good and friendly relations with both the United States and China, and will not favor one over the other.

'China for peaceful negotiation to handle disputes'

China always insists on resolving divergence and disputes through friendly negotiations with parties directly concerned, a senior military official said.

Vietnam slams China over construction of lighthouses in South China Sea

Vietnam Wednesday slammed China over its construction of two lighthouses in the disputed South China Sea.

Cabinet approves protocols to amend DTAA with Israel, Vietnam

India on Wednesday approved protocols amending tax pacts with Israel and Vietnam to include effective sharing of bank information, a move aimed at dealing with the menace of black money.

India's naval diplomacy aims to contain China: Daily

  India has launched a naval diplomacy campaign to garner support from Australia, Japan and Vietnam for countering China's maritime expansion into the Indian Ocean, a Chinese official daily said on Wednesday.

Pollution killing corals in Vietnam
Pollution killing corals in Vietnam

Many coral reefs under the sea off Phu Quoc island, off southern Vietnam, have disappeared due to climate change and water pollution over the past several years, the media reported on Monday.

Vietnam free high-profile blogger, US call for more releases

Vietnam has freed a high-profile blogger who has travelled to the United States, which is pressing for more such dissidents to be released.

Stop unilateral, destabilising actions in South China Sea: US tells China

 The Pentagon today asked China to stop its unilateral and destabilising actions such as land reclamations by creating artificial islands to ease tension in the busy South China Sea, saying the US "shares an interest with the region."

Hijack suspected as Malaysian cargo ship goes missing

Malaysian authorities were Thursday searching for a cargo ship that has been missing for a week and is feared hijacked in the piracy-prone South China Sea, a coast guard official said.

Air-force chief Arup Raha on a four-day visit to Thailand and Vietnam

 Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, today left for a four-day visit to Thailand and Vietnam to further boost bilateral relations between the armed forces of the two South-east Asian countries, which is expected to provide greater convergence at the operational level.

Only 7% Pakistanis have faith in Narendra Modi
Only 7% Pakistanis have faith in Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, who became the Indian Prime Minister after securing a huge victory in the 2014 General Election, has huge support in Vietnam.

Philippines, Vietnam to sign partnership deal by year-end

The Philippines and Vietnam will sign a "strategic partnership" agreement by the end of the year, officials have said, as common neighbour and rival China flexes its military muscle in disputed waters.

DNA: Today in History, September 02

Know the historical facts happened on September 02.

Vietnam marks 70 years since declaring independence from France
Vietnam marks 70 years since declaring independence from France

Vietnam`s president on Wednesday urged further modernisation of the armed forces in the face of growing maritime territorial disputes as the nation celebrated 70 years since it declared independence from France.