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Bellicose China mounting expansionist policy: US Republican Party

"While tensions between China and Taiwan have persisted since the 1950s, China has now mounted an aggressive and expansionist policy towards other nations in the region in order to enlarge their sphere of influence," the Republican Study Committee said in its report yesterday as the House of Representatives initiated steps to pass the annual budget.

Eight killed in Vietnam typhoon

The typhoon also caused 175 houses to collapse, ripped roofs off nearly 6,200 houses, sank 57 fishing ships and boats and damaged roads and bridges, Xinhua news agency quoted the officials as saying.

With an eye on China, India to host ASEAN nations for Republic Day celebrations

With an eye on China, India to host ASEAN nations for Republic Day celebrations

Some ASEAN nations are not in good terms with the 'Dragon' over territorial claims in South China Sea.

India-Vietnam discuss China's aggressive posturing in Asia

After the meeting with Swaraj, the MEA issued a statement saying both sides reiterated their support for peace, stability, security, safety, freedom of navigation and over flight. 

Vietnam buffalo fight suspended after animal kills owner

Do Van Viet, a local official in the resort town of Do Son where the fight took place, said the buffalo was killed and samples were taken to determine whether it had been given a stimulant.

Beijing's political nod to PLA's new aggression on India-Bhutan border

Beijing's political nod to PLA's new aggression on India-Bhutan border

Considering that few plaudits are given to officers who show remarkable initiative - for the PLA adores conformity and the ability to follow party orders - this is presumably a confrontation that has been sanctioned by a higher military command, instead of just being something started by overenthusiastic troops on the ground and which got out of hand.

Vietnam blogger `Mother Mushroom` on trial

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, whose penname derives from her daughter's nickname "mushroom", was arrested in October 2016 for critical Facebook posts about politics and the environment.

Vietnam's ambition may stir confrontation: Chinese scholar

A Chinese scholar has warned Vietnam not be incited by the US and Japan against Beijing.

Vietnam urges China to act responsibly in South China Sea

China has built up infrastructure on the four smaller outposts, including land-based guns and communications facilities.

China says it is vigilant as two U.S. bombers fly over South China Sea

The U.S. military conducts such "freedom of navigation" patrols to show China it is not entitled to territorial waters there, U.S. officials said at the time.

Don't turn seas into areas of conflict: MJ Akba

Declaring the inviolable right of all countries to freedoms of overflights and navigation on high seas, Minister of State for External Affairs M J Akbar has said that seas should not be turned into areas of conflict.

Vietnam to waive visas for 5 European countries' citizens

In the five-month period, Vietnam welcomed 126,400 visitors from Britain, 123,600 from France, and 94,200 from Germany.

Unsure of US, Asia builds new alliances to counter China

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: "In this brave new world we cannot rely on great powers to safeguard our interests.

South China Sea has strategic significance for world: US, Vietnam

US President Donald Trump and his Vietnamese counterpart underscored the importance of freedom of navigation and overflight and other lawful uses of the seas.

Vietnam and US sign new deals worth $8 billion

The country`s largest low-cost carrier, Vietjet is best-known for air hostesses sporting bikinis on some of its flights.

Mega online gambling ring busted in Vietnam

Two cars, four computers, 16 cell phones, and 461 million Vietnamese dong ($20,400) in cash were confiscated.

Vietnam, Indonesia vessels clash in South China Sea

Indonesia says several Vietnamese fishing vessels escaped its waters following a show of force by Vietnam's coast guard in the South China Sea.

Philippines' Duterte open to South China Sea deals

Philippines' Duterte open to South China Sea deals

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said today he was open to exploring the South China Sea's natural resources with rival claimants China and Vietnam, after securing a "windfall" while in Beijing.

China, Vietnam agree to keep South China Sea tensions in check

In 2014, the tension between the two communist countries peaked more dramatically when China moved an oil rig into disputed waters and protests broke out across Vietnam.

Vietnam demotes top Communist Party official for misconduct

Vietnam`s ruling Communist Party demoted a prominent party official on Wednesday, stripping him of his role as party head of Ho Chi Minh City to penalise him further for misconduct during his time as head of the country`s state oil and gas firm.