NATO opens major war game; Russia irked

NATO this week is holding its biggest war game in years, and the Russians aren`t happy it`s happening so near their borders.

Indian Army to hold largest war game this week

Indian Army will hold war game in Pune with top commanders from key formations gathering to validate its latest pro-active war fighting concepts.

China-Russia war games `not linked to India missile`

China said upcoming joint war games between China and Russia were not organised in response to India`s Agni V launch.

Iran fires medium-range missile in war game

Iran has said that its latest exercise is not aimed at any country but carries a message of peace.

South Korea, US to hold war games after any UN action

South Korea will hold military
exercises with the United States after any possible UN action
against North Korea over its alleged sinking of a South Korean
warship, the South Korea`s military said on Tuesday.

Iran tests new missiles at war game

Iran tested various types of missiles at a war game in the country`s southern waters on Monday.

Pakistan Army`s biggest war game begins on Saturday

The Pakistan Army will on Saturday begin its biggest field exercise, involving 20,000 personnel, to validate the concept of a new defensive doctrine for countering conventional threats.

No Sino-Indian joint army exercise this year

There won`t be the annual
Sino-India joint army exercise this year too.