South Korea activists, residents clash over anti-North leaflets

Tensions flared on Saturday as South Korean activists attempting to launch propaganda leaflets into the North were thwarted by egg-throwing residents of a border town, following threats of retaliation from Pyongyang.

South Koreans trying to launch anti-North leaflets clash with border residents

A planned launch of balloons by South Korean activists to send leaflets to North Korea on Saturday with messages critical of its leader turned into a clash with residents of the border area who said the move will threaten peace between the Koreas.

South Korea police deployed near border before leaflet launch

Hundreds of South Korean police were deployed near the border with North Korea Saturday before the proposed launch of propaganda leaflets by activists, following threats of violent retaliation from Pyongyang.

North Korea likely can build nuclear warhead: US general

The commander of US forces in South Korea said Friday that North Korea likely has the ability to produce a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on a missile, but officials later sought to downplay his remarks.

North Korea warns South over planned high-level talks

North Korea issued a fresh warning on Thursday that planned high-level talks with the South might have to be scrapped because of what it called Seoul's arrogant and provocative behaviour.

Release detained missionary, South Korea tells North Korea

 Seoul Wednesday urged North Korea to release a South Korean Christian missionary who has been detained for about a year.

South Korea urges North to release other detainees

South Korea on Wednesday welcomed North Korea`s release of a US citizen, but immediately urged it to free two other American detainees and a South Korean missionary who was arrested on espionage charges.

South Korea scraps `Christmas tree` tower hated by North

South Korea said Wednesday it had dismantled a Christmas tree-shaped tower near the border with North Korea which had previously been used for a seasonal lights show that drew angry protests from the atheist regime in Pyongyang.

Bodies found of 2 South Koreans in Thai boat crash

The bodies of two South Korean tourists were found in waters near Thailand's southern resort city of Phuket today, two days after the tourist boat they were in collided with a fishing vessel, police said.

South Korea urges prudence ahead of leaflet launch into North

South Korea`s unification minister on Tuesday urged activists planning to float anti-Pyongyang leaflets into North Korea to act prudently, ahead of proposed high-level talks.

'North Korea's Kim II Sung wanted to live till 100'
'North Korea's Kim II Sung wanted to live till 100'

Former physician of North Korea's founder Kim II Sung has revealed that that he aspired to live till 100 years of age.

South Korea concert victims' families call for leniency

The families of 16 people who died after falling through a ventilation shaft at a South Korean open-air concert asked for leniency on Monday for event organisers despite fresh concerns about safety six months after a ferry disaster.

Search resumes for missing South Koreans after Thai boat crash: Police

The search has resumed for two South Korean tourists missing off Thailand`s southern coast after their tour boat crashed into a fishing vessel, police said Monday.

South Korea warns North against `reckless provocation`

South Korea warned North Korea on Monday against further "reckless" provocations following a series of minor border skirmishes that have heightened military tensions ahead of planned high-level talks.

North, South Korean troops exchange border fire

North and South Korean troops on Sunday briefly exchanged fire inside the demiltarised zone that traverses the divided peninsula, the South`s defence ministry said.

No safety personnel for South Korea pop concert: Police

South Korean police said Sunday no safety personnel were deployed at an outdoor pop concert where a ventilation grate collapsed, killing 16 people and injuring nine others.

South Korean safety official commits 'suicide' after concert tragedy kills 16
South Korean safety official commits 'suicide' after concert tragedy kills 16

An official dealing with safety measures at a concert in South Korea where 16 people died when the grate they were standing collapsed apparently committed suicide hours after the tragedy, authorities said Saturday.

Japan minister visits war dead shrine day after Abe sends offering

A Japanese cabinet member visited a shrine for war dead on Saturday a day after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prompted angry responses from China and South Korea by sending a ritual offering there.

UN biodiversity meet commits to double funding

A UN conference on preserving the earth's dwindling resources wrapped up Friday with governments making a firm commitment to double biodiversity aid to developing countries by 2015.

16 killed after ventilation grate collapses at South Korean pop concert
16 killed after ventilation grate collapses at South Korean pop concert

Sixteen people were killed and nine others seriously injured when a ventilation grate gave way while they were watching an outdoor pop concert in Seongam south of Seoul on Friday, rescuers said.