Four South Korean tourists killed in Nepal bus crash: Police

Four South Korean tourists along with their driver were killed in a bus crash in central Nepal on Monday, police said.

South Korea opts for KAI-Lockheed in USD 7.8 bn fighter deal

South Korea on Monday selected Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and partner Lockheed Martin for a multi-billion-dollar contract to develop 120 "indigenous" fighter jets to replace Seoul's ageing fleet.

US, South Korea marines stage major landing drill

Thousands of US and South Korean troops, backed by helicopters and jet fighters, staged a massive, amphibious landing drill Monday -- the centrepiece of an annual military exercise condemned by North Korea.

New Indian envoys for South Korea, Oman named

In a string of ambassadorial appointments, the government has named new envoys for South Korea, the Netherlands, Peru and Oman.

North Korea arrests two alleged South Korean spies

North Korea announced on Friday the arrest of two South Korean "spies" or "terrorists" alleged to have gathered confidential information and acted to "destabilise" the country, Efe news agency reported.

South Korea, US launch joint maritime drill

South Korea and the US launched a large-scale joint maritime drill on Friday as part of their ongoing joint annual "Foal Eagle" war game, the South Korean Navy said.

South Korea demands North release arrested `spies`

South Korea on Friday demanded the immediate release of two nationals arrested on "groundless" spying charges by North Korea in an incident likely to heighten already elevated cross-border tensions.

North Korea says it has arrested two South Korea spies

 North Korea said it had arrested two South Koreans engaged in espionage for the South`s spy agency, in a move likely to heighten already elevated tensions between the two rivals.

North Korea's neighbours push to resume six-party talks

 Russia and China discussed resuming six-party talks on North Korea`s nuclear programme this week, while a South Korean diplomat said five of the participants had agreed on conditions to present to Pyongyang for restarting the negotiations.

Deported South Korean charged in US with posing as brother he killed

A South Korean man deported from the United States more than 20 years ago for murdering his brother faces US felony charges after slipping back into the country by posing as his slain sibling, a US official said on Wednesday.

Apology the priority for Park Taehwan, says swim federation
Apology the priority for Park Taehwan, says swim federation

The head of South Korea`s swimming federation says there will be time to discuss Park Tae-hwan`s future but first and foremost the swimmer has to apologise for failing a doping test that resulted in an 18-month ban.

Russia warns US against sending missile defence system to South Korea

 Russia on Tuesday warned the United States against sending a ballistic missile defence system to South Korea, saying it could threaten regional security. 

North Korea slams `cock-and-bull` apology demand over Cheonan sinking

 North Korea on Tuesday ruled out any apology over the 2010 sinking of the South Korean navel corvette Cheonan, and demanded Seoul lift sanctions imposed after the incident in which Pyongyang has always denied involvement.

2008 Olympic champion Park Tae-hwan banned for 18 months
2008 Olympic champion Park Tae-hwan banned for 18 months

South Korea`s four-time Olympic swimming medallist Park Tae-hwan was banned for 18 months by world swimming body FINA on Monday for failing a dope test.

South Korea activists postpone `The Interview` DVD balloon launch

South Korean activists on Monday postponed plans to send thousands of copies of the Hollywood movie "The Interview" to North Korea, following criticism from Seoul and dire warnings of military reprisals from Pyongyang.

Border blaze sees Koreas block access to industrial zone

South and North Korea blocked access to their Kaesong joint industrial zone Monday after a fire broke out near a cross-border road and spread across the closely guarded frontier, officials said.

North Korea warns against airdropping DVDs of "The Interview"

 North Korea`s military on Sunday threatened to blow up balloons that South Korean activists plan to send over the heavily-militarised border carrying 10,000 DVDs of the satirical Hollywood film "The Interview".

Campsite fire kills five in South Korea

A fire swept through a South Korean camping site on Sunday, killing five people including three children and injuring two others, firefighters said.

South Korea, China, Japan vow to bring about leadership summit

 The foreign ministers of South Korea, China and Japan pledged to pave the way for a trilateral leadership summit as they met in Seoul on Saturday for the first time in nearly three years.

Top South Korea, Japan, China envoys discuss North Korea, regional bank
Top South Korea, Japan, China envoys discuss North Korea, regional bank

The foreign ministers of South Korea, Japan and China met on Saturday for the first time in three years, to try and improve frosty ties and restore a regular three-way summit of their leaders, stalled because of tension over history and territory.