US arms drop will `help greatly`: Syria Kurd fighters

A US airdrop of weapons will "help greatly" Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State group jihadists for the Syrian town of Kobane, a spokesman for the Kurdish forces said Monday.

US dual policy is recipe for more violence: Syria

Syria's foreign minister on Monday blasted the United States' "dual policy" of striking at some militants in Syria while providing money, weapons and training to others, calling it a recipe for more violence and terrorism.

Govt willing to talk to Naxals if they give up arms: Rajnath

 Asking Maoists to shun the path of violence, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said Government was willing to talk to Naxals provided they give up arms and come to the negotiating table.

Japan, US discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo: Report

Japan and the United States are exploring the possibility of Tokyo acquiring offensive weapons that would allow Japan to project power far beyond its borders, Japanese officials said, a move that would likely infuriate China.

US senators urge aiding Ukraine with arms to fight “Russian invasion”
US senators urge aiding Ukraine with arms to fight “Russian invasion”

The American senators have urged the US to supply Ukraine with arms so that it can fight a “Russian invasion.”

MP seeks Centre`s nod for buying weapons for Naxal-hit areas

Madhya Pradesh government has sought Centre`s permission to purchase weapons for Naxal-hit areas from the grant given to them and also demanded a dedicated helicopter for surveillance of regions affected with violence.

Non-lethal weapons to continue at Indo-Bangla border: BSF DG

The Border Security Force, which guards the Indian border with Bangladesh, has decided to deploy more non-lethal weapons with its patrol troops as it feels the practice is helping maintain security at the frontier.

US calls on Moscow to get rid of banned arms

Ratcheting up tensions with Moscow, Washington on Tuesday urged Russia to destroy prohibited weapons after it accused Russian leaders of flouting a 1987 treaty banning medium-range cruise missiles.

Putin defiant in face of new EU arms sanctions

President Vladimir Putin on Monday urged Russia`s defence industry to swiftly cut imports as the EU looks set to impose a ban on the sale of weapons and technology over Ukraine.

Britain to destroy extra 50 tonnes of Syrian arms chemicals

Britain said on Wednesday it would destroy a further 50 tonnes of material from Syria`s chemical weapons stockpile, taking the total amount it has agreed to process to 200 tonnes. 

German minister backs weapons-capable drones

Germany`s defense minister wants to buy weapons-capable drones to protect soldiers from attack, drawing criticism in a country where the US use of drones to kill terror suspects has caused unease.

Syria has removed 100 percent of declared chemicals: Team chief

The head of the international team of weapons experts charged with overseeing the elimination of Syria`s chemical stockpile told Reuters on Monday that Syria had removed all its declared arsenal from its territory.

UN chief calls for arms embargo on Syria

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today appealed to the powerful Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Syria, stressing that it is "essential" to stem the flow of arms pouring into the war-torn country.

Sandra Bullock`s alleged stalker accused of possessing weapons

The man who was arrested for breaking into Sandra Bullock`s home recently has been charged with possessing an arsenal of weapons.

Weapons of slain Assam police officer, PSO recovered

Huge quantities of arms and ammunition, including weapons of slain police officer Nityanand Goswami and his PSO, were recovered on Wednesday during an operation by police along the Assam-Meghalaya border.

Chinese police offers reward for surrendering weapons

Police in China`s restive Xinjiang province offered rewards for citizens who turn over their guns, explosives or provide tip off about people who possessed the weapons.

Brazil ready to quell protests during World Cup

Brazil has stocked up on riot gear and is ready to deploy police and military forces to contain anti-government protests expected during the 32-nation World Cup soccer championship starting next month, authorities said on Friday.

UN talks to target `killer robots`

Armies of Terminator-like warriors fan out across the battlefield, destroying everything in their path, as swarms of fellow robots rain fire from the skies.

Japan drafts revision of arms exports ban: Source

Japan has drafted new guidelines that would reverse a decades-old ban on weapons exports, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Sunday, a move that could further strain ties with neighbours China and South Korea.

Production of good weapons, timely delivery important: President

Producing quality weapons and ensuring their timely delivery to armed forces should be the hallmark of country`s Ordnance factories, President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday said while addressing young officers of Ordnance services.