White House digs Obama's 'suit'-able tan!
White House digs Obama's 'suit'-able tan!

The White House Friday strongly defended Barack Obama's dress sense after the president faced some online disapproval for wearing a more informal tan-coloured suit at a news conference on Iran and Ukraine.

'International community unwilling to tolerate Russian behaviour in Ukraine'

The United States today accused Russia of moving across the border and targeting the Ukrainian military positions.

At least 100 immigration activists arrested in front of White House

Police arrested more than 100 immigration reform activists Thursday in front of the White House as they demanded the relief for the country's 11 million undocumented foreigners, who are at risk of being deported.

Russia has violated arms treaty by testing cruise missile: US

The United States has found that Russia violated a 1987 arms control treaty by testing a ground-launched cruise missile, a senior US official has said, calling the matter "very serious."

Obama looks forward to meet Modi: White House

India and the US share a rich and robust relationship and President Barack Obama looks forward to building on that when he meets with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the White House said on Thursday.

'Obama and his team closely watching developments in Iraq'
'Obama and his team closely watching developments in Iraq'

US President Barack Obama and his team is closely watching the situation in Iraq, the White House said Wednesday noting that military action alone could not address the challenge being posed by the Islamic State.

American journalist execution video `authentic`: White House

The disturbing video released by jihadist militants showing American journalist James Foley being brutally executed is authentic, the White House said on Wednesday.

US condemns `provocative` Russian activity in Ukraine

The White House urged Moscow on Friday to stop its "extremely dangerous and provocative" attempts to destabilize Ukraine, where tensions have soared again in the past 24 hours.

`Impossible` to bypass White House for US arms: Former Israeli envoy

A former Israeli ambassador to the US has trashed as "impossible" the claims that the Jewish state went around the White House`s back and quietly secured supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon to aid its military campaign in Gaza Strip.

White House didn`t OK immigrant releases: Report

An internal Homeland Security Department report says immigration officials decided on their own, strictly for budget reasons, to release more than 2,000 immigrants facing deportation in 2013.

Former White House press secretary Jim Brady dies

James Brady, the affable, witty press secretary who survived a devastating head wound in the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and undertook a personal crusade for gun control, died Monday. He was 73.

Over 300 Indo-US organisations join hands to welcome PM Narendra Modi

More than 300 Indo-American organisations from across the US have come together to give Narendra Modi a "historic public reception", when he comes here on his maiden visits as India`s Prime Minister in September.

`Iraqi military authorisation by Obama very limited in scope`

The military authorisation given by US President Barack Obama to target jihadist forces inside Iraq is "very limited in scope", the White House said today, adding that the administration is not looking at prolonged military action or deploying troops on the ground.

Toddler causes brief commotion in White House

A toddler squeezed through the White House fence, resulting in lockdown of the residence of US President Barack Obama and a brief commotion among the Secret Service agents.

Barack Obama wants Ukraine issue to be resolved diplomatically: White House

Expressing concern over the Russia`s deployment of troops along its border with Ukraine, the White House has said that President Barack Obama wants the current Ukrainian crisis to be resolved diplomatically.

Sikh rights group seeks info on Obama`s decision to invite PM Modi

A US-based Sikh rights group has filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) seeking documents relating to the Obama administration`s decision to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a meeting at the White House here in September.

US, EU sanctions having impact on Russian economy: White House

The Russian economy is feeling the impact of the American and European sanctions, the White House has said while alleging that Moscow continues to aid Ukrainian separatists.

Former White House press secretary James Brady dies

Former White House press secretary James Brady, who was seriously wounded during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and became a symbol of the fight for gun control, has died.

Russia faces deepening isolation from international community: White House

Russia faces the prospects of more economic sanctions and further isolation from the international community if it does not stop supporting separatist rebels in Ukraine, the White House has said.

`No American is proud` of CIA tactics: State Department

The State Department has endorsed the broad conclusions of a harshly critical Senate report on the CIA`s interrogation and detention practices after the September 11, 2001 attacks against the US, a report that accuses the agency of brutally treating terror suspects and misleading Congress, according to a White House document.