State Dept aims to release next Hillary Clinton emails June 30

 The State Department plans to release tens of thousands of emails by White House hopeful Hillary Clinton from her time as America`s top diplomat in batches every 60 days starting from June 30.

South China Sea critical to US national security: White House

Situation in South China Sea is critical to the national security interest of the United States, the White House has said.

Benghazi e-mails show Hillary Clinton's correspondence with adviser

Longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal had been blocked from working for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the State Department by sceptical White House officials.

Google puts White House blunder blame on ''racist web users''
Google puts White House blunder blame on ''racist web users''

Google has identified the culprit behind the White House showing as "n***a house" screw up, and it turns out it`s not them, it`s you.

Hillary Clinton sets date for big-bang campaign launch

After weeks of small-scale, small-town events with "everyday Americans," Hillary Clinton on Thursday set a date for the first major campaign rally of her 2016 presidential run.

'Red-faced' Google Maps fixing White House being depicted as 'N***a' House'

Google Maps is fixing a huge blunder, due to which the White House is being depicted as the "N***a House" in its search bar.

Obama recalls trip to India, personal friendship with Modi

India's new ambassador to the US, Arun Kumar Singh formally presented his credentials to President Barrack Obama at a ceremony in his Oval Office at the White House.

Obama moves to demilitarize US cops

 President Barack Obama plans to bar US police from getting tracked armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers, and large-caliber firearms, in response to accusations that law enforcement has become too militarized.

Obama, first lady thinking about life after White House

The decision by President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, to build his presidential library in Chicago scratches one item from their to-do list for life after the White House.

US, Gulf states to deepen military ties: White House

The United States and its Gulf allies on Thursday agreed to deepen their military partnership and jointly counter external threats, in the face of Iran`s growing role in the region.

Small drone puts White House on lockdown

The White House was briefly put on lockdown Thursday as the Secret Service detained an individual for flying a small drone in an adjacent park.

White House calls on factions in Burundi to `lay down arms`

 The White House called on Burundians to lay down arms Wednesday, after an attempted coup prompted by President Pierre Nkurunziza`s controversial bid for a third term.

Bill Clinton says if Hillary wins, he'll move back to White House 'if asked'

 Former US President Bill Clinton said on Tuesday he will move back into the White House if his wife Hillary wins the presidency next year - "if I`m asked."

Obama visit to Cuba `not ruled out`: White House

US President Barack Obama has no immediate plans to visit Cuba, but has not ruled out such a trip in the year to come, the White House said Monday.

Texas, Arkansas tornadoes kill at least four, shatter homes

 Emergency crews were cleaning up on Monday from tornadoes that killed at least four people and injured 50 others in Texas and Arkansas that were part of a twister series to hit central states overnight, flattening buildings and snapping power lines.

King missing summit not snub to US: Saudi FM

 Saudi Arabia`s new foreign minister insisted Monday that King Salman`s last minute decision not to attend a Camp David summit was not intended as a snub to the United States.

White House rebuts claim Pakistan role in Osama bin Laden raid

The White House on Monday flatly rejected claims that Pakistan was told in advance about a 2011 special operations raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

White House hails strong US ties with Cameron after poll win

The White House on Friday said President Barack Obama is "proud" of the relationship he has forged with Britain`s Prime Minister David Cameron, and looks forward to continued close ties following the Conservative party`s decisive election victory.

White House can't confirm Islamic State was behind Texas shooting

 The White House has said that investigators have been unable to determine if the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organisation was behind the attack last weekend on a Texas exhibit of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, despite the claim of responsibility IS issued via its Internet radio station.

White House says 'too early to tell' if Texas shooters tied to Islamic State militants
White House says 'too early to tell' if Texas shooters tied to Islamic State militants

The White House said on Tuesday that it was still "too early to tell" if the two gunmen killed in Garland, Texas, on Sunday were tied to Islamic State.