Microsoft 'not killing' Internet Explorer just yet

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has although slipped lower and lower on the popularity meter in the past few years, however, several Windows users, including celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, came to its rescue after Microsoft hinted that it might squash the ageing browser.

Master math via body movements

Imagine your kid contorting his or her body and waving arms to master math. This is the future with body-based tasks while interacting with a Kinect for Windows mathematics program, researchers report.

Watch: World Trade Centre window washers dangling from 69th floor, rescued
Watch: World Trade Centre window washers dangling from 69th floor, rescued

It appears like a dramatic scene straight out of one of those Hollywood flicks replete with breathtaking action sequences, but as they say, truth is stranger and more interesting than fiction.

Watch: Is this how Microsoft Windows 9 'Threshold' will look?
Watch: Is this how Microsoft Windows 9 'Threshold' will look?

In the ever-evolving world of electronics where details of gizmos and products are now getting 'leaked' a lot more than ever before, a sneak preview of the much-anticipated Windows 9 'Threshold' has come to fore.

Indian Air Force to launch mobile game to attract youth

Indian Air Force to launch mobile game to attract youth—You can fly fighter jets and destroy enemy bases as part of top secret mission to help your nation win a war. All from your mobile phone!

Microsoft to unveil latest version of Office for Mac by end of 2014

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a new version of Office suite for the Mac later this year.

Facebook shutting down Windows support for Messenger

Social networking website Facebook`s is reportedly planning to axe Windows support for Facebook Messenger without even giving an explanation for the services shut down.

Dropbox makes file sharing between Android, Windows easy!

Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive allow users the freedom to easily share files between their Android smartphone and Windows PC, all without the need for a USB cable.

Indian students get chance to code for Windows

In less than a week from now, thousands of charged up students will get together to develop apps for the Windows platform.

Windows could soon generate electricity from solar cells

Researchers have developed a new transparent solar cell - an advance toward giving windows in homes and other buildings the ability to generate electricity while still allowing people to see outside.

Now, control your computer screen with your ‘gaze’

The Tobii Gaze sits below a laptop screen and tracks eye movement using a sensor.

Microsoft plans ‘silent’ upgrades to IE

Software giant Microsoft has planned to implement automatic, silent updates to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

ViewPad 10 features Windows and Android

ViewPad 10 is a dual-boot unit as it can launch either Windows 7 or Android as you start the computer.

Google phases out Microsoft Windows use

Google is phasing out use of Microsoft`s Windows operating system because of security concerns.

Microsoft ups the ante against pirates

With its operating system Windows 7 and other popular software products being increasingly targeted by cyber pirates, Microsoft has launched an initiative to curb the menace, primarily because customers are asking it to intervene.

Google’s new operating system to take on Windows

New Google Inc software will start up a computer as fast as a television, the search company has said as it showed off its Chrome operating system designed for computers that do their work on the Web.

RCom partners Microsoft for Windows mobile solutions

Anil Ambani-led Reliance
Communications on Wednesday announced its partnership with software major Microsoft for offering Windows Mobile solutions on its
wireless networks.