Abe says he may omit apology from Japan WWII statement

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he may not issue a direct apology for Japan`s past aggression in an upcoming statement marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

'Amazingly intact' WWII aircraft carrier found in Pacific

Experts have discovered a World War II US aircraft carrier that is "amazingly intact" despite languishing on the bottom of the Pacific for more than 60 years.

Thousands march at Auschwitz in memory of Holocaust dead

Thousands of young Jews from Israel and across the globe marched alongside Polish teenagers Thursday in memory of Holocaust victims at the former Nazi German Auschwitz-Birkenau WWII death camp in southern Poland.

Vladimir Putin admits Russia forcibly imposed Soviet model on Eastern Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday admitted that the Soviet Union sought to "forcibly" impose the Soviet model on Eastern Europe after World War II.

Israelis stand in silent tribute to Holocaust dead

Israeli Jews stood in silence as sirens wailed across the country on Thursday marking Holocaust memorial day and 70 years since the liberation of the Nazi death camps.

Pro-Putin bikers anger Poland with plan to ride to Berlin

A Russian biker gang backed by President Vladimir Putin is planning to ride through Europe to celebrate the Soviet Union`s role in World War II victory over Nazi Germany, sparking anger in Poland.

South Korea, Japan hold first security talks for 5 years

South Korea and Japan on Tuesday held their first high-level security talks in more than five years despite simmering tensions over territorial and historical disputes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoles death of Nobel Laureate Guenter Grass

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday condoled the death of Nobel-winning German writer Guenter Grass, saying he will be remembered as an "intellectual powerhouse".

Twitter turns Clinton''s "H" logo into target for ridicule

Hillary Clinton`s campaign rollout on social media set Twitter abuzz as she likely hoped, but part of the discussion quickly veered away from the candidate herself to her new logo, and it got a hearty "thumbs down."

Mysterious closure of Russian museum before WWII photo show

A Russian museum that was due to host an exhibition of World War II images by photographic greats such as Robert Capa has unexpectedly closed just before the show was due to open, reportedly on Moscow's orders.

Russia calls Ukraine ban on Soviet symbols `totalitarian`

Russia accused Ukraine on Friday of using "totalitarian methods" in its ban on Soviet-era symbols and names.

South Korea, Japan to hold first high-level security talks for 5 years

South Korea and Japan will next week hold their first high-level security talks in more than five years, Seoul said Friday, despite simmering tensions over territorial and other historical disputes.

US, Philippines, Japan stress unity at WWII memorial

Philippine President Benigno Aquino and the US and Japanese ambassadors today vowed to work closer together in facing new challenges like maritime security and "terrorism" at a World War II memorial event.

South Korean PM warns Japan over history textbooks

South Korean Prime Minister Lee Wan-Koo on Thursday warned Japan it would face a "grim judgement" if it failed to address what he called the realities of history.

China turns Nationalist veterans from outcasts to propaganda heroes

For decades after World War II Nationalist soldier Zeng Hui was ostracised by China`s Communist authorities, despite having fought against arch-enemy Japan. 

Japan rebuffs international outcry over new history textbooks

Japan on Tuesday rebuffed neighbouring countries` protests over newly-approved textbooks after complaints about references to disputed territory and their bitter shared history.

Russian fights extradition from US in World War II looted art case

A Russian art dealer accused by Polish authorities of illegally possessing an 18th-century painting stolen during World War II by Nazi Germany is challenging his extradition from the United States.

Lord's Father Time damaged by high wind
Lord's Father Time damaged by high wind

One of cricket's most enduring images, Old Father Time weather vane at the Lord's Cricket Ground has been damaged by high winds. According to reports, the weather vane has been bent to a 90-degree angle from its original position following the turbulence.

`Blitz spirit` London evacuees go home as WW2 bomb removed

 Hundreds of Londoners were allowed to go home on Tuesday after a huge, unexploded World War II bomb that kindled a "Blitz spirit" among evacuees was removed for detonation after being found by builders.

`Blitz spirit` in London as WWII bomb forces evacuation

Residents were evacuated from around 1,200 homes in a densely populated London neighbourhood as bomb disposal experts worked Tuesday to defuse a 1,000-pound (455-kilogramme) bomb from World War II.