Lord's Father Time damaged by high wind
Lord's Father Time damaged by high wind

One of cricket's most enduring images, Old Father Time weather vane at the Lord's Cricket Ground has been damaged by high winds. According to reports, the weather vane has been bent to a 90-degree angle from its original position following the turbulence.

`Blitz spirit` London evacuees go home as WW2 bomb removed

 Hundreds of Londoners were allowed to go home on Tuesday after a huge, unexploded World War II bomb that kindled a "Blitz spirit" among evacuees was removed for detonation after being found by builders.

`Blitz spirit` in London as WWII bomb forces evacuation

Residents were evacuated from around 1,200 homes in a densely populated London neighbourhood as bomb disposal experts worked Tuesday to defuse a 1,000-pound (455-kilogramme) bomb from World War II.

Unexploded World War II bomb triggers evacuation in London

An unexploded World War II bomb weighing 454 kg found on a building site near London's famous Tower Bridge here on Monday led to hundreds of people being evacuated from their homes in the area.

Japan, US mark 70th year since Battle of Iwojima

Japan and the United States held a ceremony Saturday to mark the 70th year since the bloody Battle of Iwojima near the end of World War II.

Serbia arrests eight in its first arrests over Srebrenica massacre

Serbian police detained eight men Wednesday suspected of taking part in the 1995 killing of 8,000 Muslims at Srebrenica, the first arrests by Serbian authorities over Europe`s deadliest atrocity since World War II. 

71 years later, wreckage of missing ship found

71 years later, wreckage of missing ship found.

WWII Japan shipwreck salvage unlikely: Filipino official

The presumed wreck of one of Japan`s most famous World War II battleships whose discovery in the Philippines was announced by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen this week is unlikely to be salvaged, an official suggested Saturday.

Ex-crew recognises photos of sunken Japanese battleship

A former crewmember on a Japanese battleship that sank during World War II said on Thursday he recognised photos of wreckage discovered this week off the Philippines by a team led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Soviet army monument banned from returning to Warsaw square

Warsaw city councilors have banned a 1945 monument of Polish-Soviet World War II brotherhood in arms from being returned to its place in a city square.

UN to commemorate end of World War II

The UN will commemorate in May the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Brain uses WW2 Enigma code-cracking method to make decisions
Brain uses WW2 Enigma code-cracking method to make decisions

A new study in animals at Columbia University has revealed that brain makes decisions with same statistical trick used by Alan Turing to help break Germany's Enigma code during World War II.

Japan crown prince warns on `correct` history

Japan`s crown prince has warned of the need to remember World War II "correctly", in a rare foray into an ideological debate as nationalist politicians seek to downplay the country`s historic crimes.

Germany remembers Allied firebombing of Dresden 70 years on

Seventy years after the Allies firebombed the east German city of Dresden, Germany remembered the tens of thousands who were burned alive with a sombre church service and a silent human chain to symbolise peace and opposition to racism.

Germany to mark 70 years since Dresden`s WWII bombing

Seventy years ago Allied bombing laid waste to the historic German city of Dresden, whose post-war image as a symbol of peace has been dented recently by anti-Islamic protests.

WWII reparations -- Greece`s other dispute with Germany

As Berlin and Athens lock horns over debt relief, Greece`s claim that Germany has never compensated it for all the damage wrought by the Nazis during World War II is again straining ties.

Japanese daily sued for shaming nation on sex slaves

A group of over 8,700 people have sued the Japanese daily Asahi for articles on sexual slavery during World War II and have sought compensation and apology for "spreading erroneous facts to international society", the Mainichi newspaper reported Tuesday.

China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan': Report

China will this year hold its first large-scale military parade since 2009 to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, reports said on Tuesday, with one key goal described as being to "frighten Japan".

Attacks boost Francois Hollande`s image, but maybe not for long

Less than a week ago, France`s Francois Hollande was a president in deep trouble, his popularity at an all-time low and his lack of leadership widely attacked.

Shinzo Abe says to stick to Japan apology in new WWII statement

Japan's conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said today that he would release a fresh statement on World War II this year, but would stand by previous apologies for wartime misdeeds.