Lung cancer

Researchers find way to make immunotherapy work for lymphoma

The study, published in Cancer Discovery journal, found that this new process is not only effective in lymphoma treatment but also increases the success of the drugs in melanoma and lung cancer.

Aug 02, 2019, 15:38 PM IST

DNA: Detailed analysis of air pollution effects on human health

In this segment of DNA, we bring to you a detailed analysis of air pollution effects on human health. Looking at the current situation even pollution mask can't guarantee to be a solution. Watch full video to know more. #DNA #DelhiAirPollution #LungCancer

Aug 01, 2019, 22:58 PM IST

Accelerate actions to slash tobacco use across South-East Asian Region: WHO

It also asked its member countries to undertake targeted actions like developing youth-focused anti-tobacco campaigns, increasing the cost of the product and protecting people from its exposure.

May 30, 2019, 15:55 PM IST

The Beat singer Ranking Roger dead at 56

Roger founded The Beat in Birmingham in 1978. The band was behind the hit songs "Mirror in the bathroom", "Too nice to talk to" and their cover versions of "Can't get used to losing you". 

Mar 27, 2019, 13:09 PM IST

Heartbreaking to see my dad die, says Idris Elba

Winston died at the age of 76 in 2013. 

Mar 25, 2019, 11:12 AM IST

Graphene biosensor could diagnose lung cancer early

The team believes this could be the first step towards creating new, improved and cheaper e-nose devices that could give the earliest possible lung-cancer diagnosis.

Feb 04, 2019, 15:35 PM IST

AI system spots often-missed lung cancer tumors

Researchers have taught a computer how to detect tiny specks of lung cancer in computed tomography (CT) scans, which radiologists often have a difficult time identifying.

Aug 27, 2018, 13:05 PM IST

William Phipps, the original voice of Prince Charming, dies at 96

In 1941, Phipps decided to forgo his EIU studies and moved to California to pursue his acting dream. 

Jun 04, 2018, 14:14 PM IST

Blood test could spot lung cancer early

The findings are from one of the first studies to explore whether sequencing blood-borne DNA is a feasible approach to early cancer detection.

Jun 04, 2018, 12:10 PM IST

New immunotherapy for lung cancer may be effective, safe: Lancet

A novel immunotherapy combination is effective and safe at controlling the progression of lung cancer, results from a clinical trial showed.

Apr 09, 2018, 10:54 AM IST

This new drug may stop cancer-causing gene in its tracks

The drug I-BET-762 was found showing signs of significantly delaying the development of existing breast and lung cancers by zeroing in on how a cancerous gene, called c-Myc, acts.

Mar 27, 2018, 16:05 PM IST

'Drastic' HIV decrease prompted by cancer drug in lung cancer patient

Some 37 million people worldwide have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS.

Dec 03, 2017, 17:18 PM IST

Women with arthritis at higher risk of lung disease

According to researchers, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have a 47% greater risk of the lung condition.

Oct 23, 2017, 19:09 PM IST

Smokers with HIV more at risk of lung cancer than AIDS: Study

Researchers found that smoking and HIV together put people at risk of developing lung cancer at a rate even higher than that among smokers not infected with HIV.

Sep 19, 2017, 15:38 PM IST

'Peepli Live' actor Sitaram Panchal succumbs to cancer, his last pic will break your heart!

One of the most talented actors in Bollywood, Sitaram Panchal, who has best remembered for his roles in 'Peepli Live' and 'Jolly LLB 2' to name a few succumbed to cancer on Thursday.

Aug 10, 2017, 13:39 PM IST

Gold nanoparticles maybe useful in treating lung cancer: Study

Gold is a safe chemical element and has the ability to accelerate, or catalyse, chemical reactions.The scientists discovered properties of the metal that allow these catalytic abilities to be accessed in living things without any side effects.

Aug 07, 2017, 21:03 PM IST

Akshay Kumar's 'Jolly LLB 2' fellow actor Sitaram Panchal suffers from cancer, seeks help via Facebook

One of the noted actors in Hindi cinema, Sitaram Panchal, who has featured films such as 'Paan Singh Tomar', 'Jolly LLB 2', 'Peepli Live' and 'Slumdog Millionaire' is currently suffering from Lung and Kidney cancer. The fine actor has been not able to work due to his severe health condition.

Jul 19, 2017, 10:48 AM IST

Singer Sabita Chowdhury passes away at 72

Eminent singer Sabita Chowdhury, widow of legendary composer Salil Chowdhury, died at her residence here on Thursday after a five-month battle with cancer, family sources said.

Jun 29, 2017, 19:13 PM IST

Lung cancer: Thousands of Australians to undergo regular chest scans for early detection

In the trial, people at a high risk of developing lung cancer, predominantly heavy smokers over 55, will undergo regular computer tomography (CT) scans to see if it can detect the disease before it becomes deadly.

Jun 20, 2017, 14:23 PM IST

New method to make lung cancer drug trials more successful

Australian researchers have developed a new method for finding participants in clinical trials of lung cancer drugs, it was announced on Wednesday.

Jun 14, 2017, 23:48 PM IST