Reactions on corruption

Here are the reactionof the common man on corruption and answers to it.

1. Corruption is a deep rooted evil of our country. We should try to be the change and begin at the lowest level to eradicate this menace.


2. Our government is too slow and that is why the issue of corruption is not getting resolved.


3. There should be tougher laws to tackle corruption. Also judicial proceedings should be expedited in such cases. Bribery has to be rooted out from the lowest level.


4. In my opinion Lokpal bill can contribute in eradicating corruption.


5. I am a student and I have faced corruption even in college admissions. Non-deserving candidates get selected because of their money power.


6. We should stop blaming each other and instead be the change to root out corruption from this our country.


7. Since government is not doing anything to solve the problem of corruption, let us do it on our own. Government should support us by spreading awareness regarding the menace and tightening the laws related to corruption.


Compiled by Praveen PJ

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