With society going into abyss, spiritual gurus have a moral role to save it: Baba Ramdev

Extolling virtues like truth, self-sacrifice and service on Zee Media, the spiritual guru warns that Indian society is on the decline. The resurgence won’t come until change begins at the level of society.

Extolling virtues like truth, self-sacrifice and service on Zee Media, the spiritual guru warns that Indian society is on the decline. The resurgence won’t come until change begins at the level of society.

Zee Research Group / Delhi

Decay in society sets in when people accept immoral conduct as normal and unless that changes, there is little hope, said Baba Ramdev on Zee Media’s Bharat Bhagya Vidhata. While change should begin at all levels, society should take the lead with social and spiritual leaders taking far greater responsibility and acting as a catalyst in uplifting moral values.

Speaking with guest anchor Ashutosh Rana on Nishane Pe, the yoga guru suggested that “change will come when people take the pledge and adhere to the path of truth and righteousness.” Ramdev’s Nishane Pe interview with Ashutosh Rana would be telecast on Zee News on Sep 13 at 10pm.

There has been a steady decline in moral character of Indian society despite a rich spiritual and historical heritage of our civilisation.

“Morality used to be the highest virtue in India. But, now decay pervades all walks of life in India. Both our rulers and the ruled have become morally corrupt,” Ramdev expressed concern.

Education has a critical role in arresting the slide in moral standards. A school education system with emphasis on moral teaching can change mindsets and rebuild a new society based on ethics and truth. Moral education should be a compulsory subject will proper grades assigned to it.

Ramdev declared, “Moral teaching must become a subject in our education system. Our continuance with Macaulay’s system of learning is the reason behind falling moral standards.”

Historically, teachers and gurus have shaped the character of the society we live in. They too must become virtuous role models and guide the society. But, doesn’t that apply to spiritual gurus as well with most of them basking in power and luxury?

“Spiritual gurus or saints should refrain from living a luxurious life,” replied Ramdev. He, however, added an exception that “their access to rich and powerful and luxury should be used as a means to serve people instead of self-aggrandizement.”

Ramdev defended his own extensive security arrangements and protocols. He said, challenging the system on issues like black money, scams and corruption comes with its own risks and hazards.

“Personal safety and security is needed. Even Socrates was poisoned for speaking the truth.”

Allegations against our trusts and ashram could be part of a wider conspiracy to sabotage the truth, he further added. But, what made Ramdev jump into politics after serving the people through yoga teaching?

“Whenever the nation has faced crisis, our spiritual gurus have joined politics to clean it. They have always fought on the side of truth and for purity. With society going into abyss, we can’t just wait and watch,” he explained.

And gurus joining politics is not politicisation of religion, Ramdev countered Ashutosh Rana on the show.

“There is no politicisation of religion as I am not seeking any position or power for self. All I stand for is that good and righteous people should get elected.”

During the show, Ramdev reiterated his stand on rape allegation against Asaram Bapu. He said that “saints must maintain distance from women and not meet them in private.” While urging everyone to wait for the court’s verdict in the case, the yoga guru also advocated for a common code of conduct for all spiritual gurus.

“Law should take its own course and it is incumbent upon all holy gurus to come completely clean in their public and private conduct. For a better future, a common code of conduct regulating all spiritual gurus should be created and implemented.”

Also, it is the responsibility of followers to stop and oppose a guru, if he is morally corrupt. While these rules can work in the interim, rules must be framed to deal with rampant obscenity and vulgarity shown on television channels that has resulted in commodification of women, further added Ramdev.

In addition, the spiritual guru extolled virtues like sacrifice, ethics and morality in an individual’s personal life.

“It is important to have self-consciousness or a higher purpose in life. One should learn from the nature which works selflessly for all. We must inculcate a similar attitude and contribute to society’s progress and common good,” Ramdev stressed.

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