5 important tips to protect your smartphone this monsoon

5 important tips to protect your smartphone this monsoon

Zee Media Bureau/Pragya Dwivedi

New Delhi: As monsoon are about to arrive, it must be giving you a reason to worry –as far as keeping your smartphone dry is concerned.

While you just cant leave your phones at home owing to rains, keeping it dry is a concern that intrigues you all the time.

Below are the 5 tips which will help you to protect your smartphones.

Always carry a pouch or ziplock

It is one of the easiest and the simplest way to safeguard you smartphones. You can choose from the various range of ziplock or pouch that are available in the market. It won't cost you much.

Try and avoid walking unnecessarily with you phones during rain

Because it's better to take precautions than cribbing about it later. If you think you can manage without the phone for a while, do it.

Get a waterproof cover

These covers are designed specifically in a way that it covers all the dimensions through which your smartphones can get affected. So a waterproof cover protects your smartphones from direct affect of rain.

If urgent, use a bluetooth headset

Though it is not advisable to use your smartphones directly during rain but if its too urgent then try using a bluetooth headset or headphone. It will help you protect your smartphones which is costlier than your headphones –the cost of which is still bearable.

Infact go for a waterproof smartphone

All those who have a waterproof smartphones need not worry and are free to roam around anywhere at anytime without any tension. And for those who do not have it try the other hacks to get over the unpredictable rainfall.


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