5 things your boyfriend would never tell you

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

So you thought only girls hide things from their boyfriends – the truth is that men too are quite secretive to a lot of things. Especially things that embarrass him. There are quite a few secrets that men would rather take to their graves than share with you – but worry not. We are here to let you in some of the things they refuse to admit.

The Chick Flick
This is probably something that you have noticed but he would never say it out loud. Men are die hard romantics. They love the ideal love stories – maybe even more than you do. No matter how many guns and tanks appear in another movie, there is at least one rom com every guy thinks should be his life.

He goes to watch the chick flicks with you not just to hold your hand but also to fantasise how his life completely mirrors `Dilwali Dulhania Le Jayenge` or even the more recent `Shudhh Desi Romance`.

High Maintenance
Ever been to the shopping mall with your guy and noticed how many shirts he has tried on before he finally takes the green one? Probably not. We women are loud about how retail therapy helps us. But next time try and take him out shopping and let him do the chosing. Men can be seriously high maintenance. They fear ridicule, that`s why they rarely change their style. But guys love shopping as much as women do.

Meeting the Parents
He is really scared of the situation where he would need to meet your parents. Trust me, it is intimidating for him to simply have dinner with them. Which essentially means that he is all the more serious about making an impression on them. But he would never tell you, lest you judge him to be weak. Don`t pressure him and he would do quite well. Trust him.

The Past
Your guy would share with you more than he would with anyone else, but most guys are least likely to tell you if they have faced bad times in their childhood. It probably stems from the fact that he always wants to be your strength and not show his weaknesses in front of you. Let him be if he choses not to share, he would either eventually tell you, or he would let go.

Your Looks
No guy in his right mind would speak aloud if he thinks you don`t look particularly good in a dress. The trick is, don`t ask him his opinion about whether you are `looking fat`. He truly does not care too much about that. If your guy loves you, he loves you for those `non great hair days` too. Most men love confident women, they don`t like insecurity and particularly get flustered if women try to prod them with pointed questions about their looks.

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