Do’s and Don’ts of office romance!

Sydney: Think you have found ‘the one’ for you in the office? Want to escape all the rumours and behind-your-back talking by colleagues? Then here’s what to and what not to do in case you have found your match in your very own office.

Over the years, numerous polls have shown that at least 30 percent of workers have found love or lust at the office and most haven’t kept their feelings a secret just to be able to dabble with a bit of love at the workplace, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Researches conducted time and again have confirmed that most employees don’t mind if their colleagues date, so long as the team’s performance and work environment aren’t disrupted, and in reality, there is no evidence that office romance impacts negatively on productivity, until the lovebirds break up.

The problem arises when the attraction between two colleagues is too strong to resist and they just have to be together.

For such people, Helaine Olen, the co-author of ‘Office Mate: The Employee Manual for Finding and Managing Romance on the Job’, has a list of do’s and don’ts in office romance.

To start with, asking out “the one” for a date, in the office, tops the list of don’ts, which is followed by the warning that “just because it’s an office romance doesn’t mean you conduct it in the office”.

Never, never, never use company property to send messages to your loved one as “the IT guys might read this stuff”, is the third strictly don’t.

The list of to do’s in case of office romance starts with making sure that you and your partner have more than just the workplace in common, followed by staying connected with other colleagues at work, rather than simply cutting off from the rest of the world just because you are involved in an office romance.

Last but not the least, spend time after hours at places where you won’t bump into co-workers, as it negates the risk of fuelling fire of workplace gossip.


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