Being a grown up sucks: Priyanka Chopra

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Our very own Priyanka Chopra seems to be sailing in an ocean of nostalgia, remembering the cheery days of childhood that have departed for good.

Expressing how bad it feels to be a grown up person, Priyanka tweeted, “Being a grown up sucks! Too much responsibility..when I was a kid I couldn`t wait to be big n independent but now..wish I was back in school,(sic).”
The former Miss World also explained why the bygone days of childhood are so special.
“For biggest issues used to be not studying for a test or the cute boy next door or what to wear..aaaah..the days of simplicity..(sic), tweeted PC.

Talking about how a child desperately wishes to grow up and subsequently realises that being an adult is not fun at all, Piggy Chops wrote, “And the funniest us how we all just cudnt wait to grow up..even when our parents told us we`d hate to grow parents r always right!!

Priyanka certainly isn’t very happy with turning older for life isn’t easy to handle when its get complicated.

“Like..changing ur mind was so much easier then..the repercussions were never so big! Choices now r so scary to make cause they kinda stick..(sic), Priyanka wrote.

But as they say bygone are bygones and can never return, Priyanka too realised it was best for her to get back into the real world and accept life as it is.

“Well enough if that!! Snapping back to the real grown up world where my shot is ready..gotta go!!ciao world..always keep the kid in u alive!(sic), PC added.

Looks like the recent rumours of her alleged relationship with Shah Rukh Khan have upset her to the core and hence she is discussing LIFE at its complicated best!