Intolerance issue: Sedition case filed against Aamir Khan

A sedition case has been filed against the Bollywood superstar in Kanpur sessions court.

Intolerance issue: Sedition case filed against Aamir Khan

Mumbai: Aamir Khan expressed his views on the “growing intolerance” in the country during an event held recently. His remarks drew massive criticism from various sections of the society.

A sedition case has been filed against the Bollywood superstar in Kanpur sessions court and the hearing is expected to take place on December 1, ANI reported.

The actor joined the chorus of distinguished personalities from various fields who returned their respective awards to protest against the rising intolerance level in the country.

Aamir said, “I feel there is a sense of insecurity, there is a sense of fear... I think in the last 6 months...8 months, there has been a growing sense of despondency...Kiran and I have lived all our lives here...for the first time Kiran says we will move out of is a very disastrous and a big statement for Kiran to make to me....She fears for her child...she fears what the atmosphere around us will be...she feels scared to open the newspapers everyday. So that does indicate that there is sense of growing disquiet, there is a sense of growing despondency...So that sense does exist in me to be quite honest.”

On Tuesday, short film-maker Ullhas PR filed a police complaint against Khan for "scaring people" with remarks that suggest the film star and his family view themselves as living in an atmosphere of grave "insecurity".

"We have received the complaint. In his complaint he (Ullhas) expressed his dissatisfaction over Aamir Khan's remarks," Deputy Commissioner of Police B.S. Gurjar told IANS.

"I also live in this country but I've never felt like Aamir. The celebrities should think before giving statements," Gurjar cited Ullhas as writing in his complaint. 

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Aamir drew flak for making such statement and mentioning that his wife feared about their child’s future in the country. She even went on the suggest that they leave the country.

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