Haryana govt will soon enact law to check cow slaughter in state: Reports

The Haryana government will soon enact a law to check the cow slaughter in the state, as per reports on Monday.

France makes 21 arrests in new horsemeat scandal

French police made 21 arrests on Monday as part of a probe into claims horsemeat used to help produce anti-rabies and other serums ended up on people`s plates.

South Korea suspends some US beef imports over controversial feed additive

South Korea said it has suspended some US beef imports after detecting the controversial growth enhancer in cattle, Zilpaterol, in 22 tonnes of beef supplied by a work site from a unit of meat producer JBS USA.

Australia`s new PM in Indonesia for boat-people talks

Newly-reinstated Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was to meet Indonesia`s President for talks focused on asylum seekers.

Beef crisis in Goa likely to subside soon

Beef supply in Goa is expected to be normalised from tomorrow with the state-run corporation importing the meat from the neighbouring state.

Goa to request court to allow cattle slaughter

With beef in Goa in acute short supply following a HC ban, the BJP government assured the state assembly on Thursday that it would request the court to allow slaughter of bulls and male buffaloes at the state-run meat complex.

Netherlands says 50,000 tonnes of beef may contain horse

The Netherlands` food watchdog on Wednesday asked hundreds of companies across Europe, supplied by a Dutch wholesaler suspected of mixing beef and horsemeat, to check 50,000 tonnes of suspect meat.

Poland finds horsemeat DNA in beef samples

Deputy National Veterinarian Janusz Zwiazek said the DNA was found in three samples out of 121 tested.

Horsemeat should be fed to the poor: German minister

Even as the horsemeat scandal continues to unsettle the consumers across Europe, a German minister has come up with a remark that could create further controversy over the issue.

Chief sanitary doc advises Russians to eat only domestic meat

Russians have been advised to eat domestically produced meat in view of the recent ban on foreign meat products from the US and Turkey.

Undeclared horse meat found in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic became the latest country to detect horse meat in food products labelled as beef in a widening European food labelling scandal.

Horsemeat scandal: Nestle withdraws beef meals in Italy, Spain

Nestle has become the latest victim of the widening horsemeat scandal after it detected horse DNA in beef pasta meals.

France may be source of UK horsemeat

A fraudulent meat-trader in the south of France was the probable source of horsemeat in the tested British Findus beef lasagne.

France pins horsemeat fraud on wholesaler

The price, smell and colour should have been clear tipoffs something was wrong with shipments of horsemeat that were fraudulently labeled as beef, French authorities said on Thursday.

Horsemeat scandal spreads to Germany

The scandal of horsemeat in frozen products has evidently spread to Germany after the supermarket chain Real announced Wednesday that it has discovered horsemeat in falsely-labeled frozen lasagna.

EU proposes DNA tests for horsemeat traces in beef

In a bid to tackle the widening horsemeat scandal in Europe, European Union Health Commissioner Tonio Borg told the member countries to conduct DNA tests on processed beef.

2,000-year-old beef found in NW China

Chinese archaeologists have said that a black substance found in an ancient tomb in northwest China`s Shaanxi Province is a 2,000-year-old portion of beef.

Stop serving of beef, pork in Sep 28 festival at JNU: Delhi BJP

Delhi BJP asked the Union and state governments and JNU not to allow pork and beef during a festival at the varsity later this month.

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