Michael Jackson`s bedroom pics show drugs, drips and oxygen tanks

London: Michael Jackson`s bedroom pictures show large volume of medical supplies littered around the singer`s bedroom at the time of his death.

The images detail the late singer`s tragic fall into a life of drug dependency while showing a bizarre shrine to babies he made by his bedside, the Mirror reported.

The evidence pictures, released by Los Angeles police investigating his death, show numerous pill bottles, oxygen tanks and medical supplies littered around the King of Pop`s bedroom at the time of his death on June 25, 2009.

One of the pictures show numerous portraits of unidentified babies along with a small picture of Charlie Chaplin.

The snaps also show a tall medical stand holding a plastic bag hanging of intravenous fluids and what appear to be two oxygen tanks.

The amazing volume of prescription drugs found in the 50-year-old`s bedroom.

Bottles can be seen lined up alongside over-the-counter drugs he had purchased from a string of local chemists.

Michael Jackson`s mother Katherine is suing AEG Live, claiming it failed to properly investigate her son`s personal doctor Conrad Murray and missed warning signs about his failing health.

The new set of pictures came as jurors in the Jackson case were shown an email on Monday in which the top executive at AEG Live expressed serious concerns about treatments the late singer was receiving from his longtime dermatologist.