‘No smoking, drinking or stealing’ for MJ’s daughter Paris

London: Michael Jackson’s teenaged daughter, Paris, was spotted chilling out with frozen yoghurt on Monday, just hours after she took to her Twitter page to praise the virtues of being a good girl.

The 13-year-old, who will soon be making her acting debut in film series Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys, was accompanied by her brother Prince and bodyguards as they stopped at the yoghurt shop while heading home from school.

“#ShoutOutToTheGirlsThat are clean. No smoking/drinking/stealing/etc,” the Daily Mail quoted her tweet.

She also took to her social network website to admire girls who were independent.

“#ShoutOutToTheGirlsThat can take care of themselves #independent,” she tweeted.

Prince, 14, also kept it casual in a school jumper and black trousers as the pair ended their school day.