Kerala gets tough over smoking, drinking at workplace

With immediate effect, all Kerala government employees, including teaching and non-teaching staff in educational institutions, will face disciplinary action if they are found smoking, drunk or using intoxicants during office hours.

Kids exposed to smoking may have higher risk of heart disease as adults

A new study has indicated that kids who are exposed to their parents' smoking may have a higher risk of developing heart disease in adulthood than those whose parents didn't smoke.

Tobacco use on decline but govts must intensify action: WHO

The rate of tobacco use is declining and non-smoking is becoming the new norm worldwide, the WHO has said.

Expert's tips to prevent liver disease

Dr Suresh Singhvi, MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS (Glasgow), FRCS (Intercollegiate, UK), CCST (UK), spoke to Salome Phelamei of Zee Media, about some simple yet effective tips to prevent liver disease .

Raising legal age to 21 may cut cigarette smoking

Increasing the minimum age to buy cigarettes to 21 could help decrease the prevalence of tobacco use and save lives, a new US study has claimed.

Disney vows to not depict smoking in kids' targeted films
Disney vows to not depict smoking in kids' targeted films

Disney has banned any sort of depiction of smoking in films that are targeted towardschildren.

Teen cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood

Teens who are heavy marijuana users - smoking it daily for about three years - may have an abnormally shaped hippocampus and poor long-term memory, a new study has found.

Can the world go tobacco-free by 2040?

Public health researchers have called for the sale of tobacco to be phased out by 2040, showing that with sufficient political support, a tobacco-free world could be possible in less than three decades.

E-cigarette ads make one desire tobacco

Watching e-cigarette television advertisements can make people crave for tobacco, regardless of whether they did or did not smoke before.

British MPs clear plain packaging for cigarettes

British MPs have voted in favour of introducing standardised packaging for cigarettes in the UK to prevent people from taking up smoking, drawing immediate threats of legal action from the country's tobacco industry.

Race and gender influence use of drugs, drinking, smoking among teens

A new study has observed that cigarette use among white teenagers is substantially higher than among black and Hispanic teenagers, especially at 18 years old.

Kicking the butt leads to improved metabolic effects

People who quit smoking have improved metabolic effects, shows a new study.

Beware! Marijuana smoke can also cause allergy

Exposure to marijuana smoke can lead to allergic reactions in some people, says a study.

Why smoking bans don't help smokers kick the butt

A new study has revealed that bans don't help smokers quit smoking as rules governing enclosed public places don't inspire enough of them to smoke less behind their own closed doors or maybe even quit altogether.

Shopping vouchers may help pregnant women kick the butt

Financial incentives could help one in five women quit smoking during pregnancy, shows a new research.

Two in three of regular smokers end up dying due to habit

A new study has demonstrated that smoking kills two out of three people if they continue their habit.

Once widely used, hookahs becoming antiques in Bangladesh
Once widely used, hookahs becoming antiques in Bangladesh

Once widely used throughout Bangladesh as a cheaper -- and perhaps healthier -- smoking alternative, the good old hookah is now turning into an antique piece owing to changing lifestyles and social mores.

Maharashtra for steps to curb tobacco consumption after RR Patil's death

 Shocked by death of former Home Minister R R Patil due to oral cancer linked to chewing of tobacco, Maharashtra Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant today said the government will take steps to curb its consumption.

Here's how to quit smoking without having to give it up altogether

In a multinational study, scientists have found that medication therapy could increase the long-term success of smokers who are not yet ready to quit, but are willing to cut back on cigarettes.

Roy Hodgson douses Jack Wilshere `smoking` row
Roy Hodgson douses Jack Wilshere `smoking` row

England manager Roy Hodgson has laughed off concerns about Jack Wilshere`s behaviour after the Arsenal midfielder was pictured clutching a shisha pipe in a London nightclub earlier this month.