What should Priyanka Chopra learn from Akshay Kumar?

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013, 11:22 AM IST

We all know that Priyanka is a very good actor but looking at the recent events, it looks like she needs to take a cue from her alleged ex-boyfriend

Akshay Kumar is known for his hard work and commitment. Next to be seen in Boss, the Khiladi Kumar never fails to surprise us with his zealousness. We have heard that for one of his action sequences in `Boss`, the actor was required to jump into an unsafe quarry. Apparently, about 50 litres of disinfectant was poured into the water in this quarry so that Akshay didn’t face any problems or wouldn’t fall ill because of the high content of ore in the water.

But, all the disinfectant used wasn’t of much help. The `Boss` actor suffered huge rashes over his body, while the shoot wasn’t even halfway through yet Akshay Kumar decided to not to stop the shoot. He not only completed the shoot swiftly, but didn`t tell anyone about this until the shot was over.

After this incident, we think that Priyanka Chopra needs to take a cue from her alleged ex-boyfriend Akshay Kumar. Reportedly, the dusky beauty had created a flutter after a bug bit her while she was shooting in Manali for her upcoming biopic on Mary Kom. She was so paranoid that the makers of the film were forced to wrap up the shoot in Manali and move the whole unit back to Mumbai, where an altogether new set was built at Filmistan studios.

Looks like Akshay needs to give some commitment lessons to the Exotic babe.

bollywoodlife.com/Vinod Talreja