Find perfect sunglasses to frame your face

London: It`s important to find clothing which suits one`s body shape, but what about sunglasses that complement the face shape? Many people opt for wrong shades, thereby creating a fashion disaster. Be wary!

Experts from, an online platform to get the right shades, have listed a guide for the best frames according to one`s face cut, which may be square, round, heart and long in shape, reports

* Square: A strong jawline with cheekbones to die for, you look great with rounded and aviator shaped framed. You are lucky to be able to carry off over-sized styles, and oval and rounded styles look great too. Just make sure that if you go for more rectangular shapes that they have soft-edges with nothing too angular.

* Heart: A narrow chin widening out at the cheekbones and forehead define your delicate features, which are best showcased with small and neat frames. Of all the face shapes you look best in retro shapes, for example cat eyes and Celine-style rectangular frames. The classic wayfarer is the perfect option for you.

* Round: Balance your soft shape with angular silhouettes and frames wider than your face. Did you know that many frames, especially Ray-Ban, come in different sizes so make sure to opt for larger ones. Avoid round frames and opt for rectangular and square ones. Gradient lenses look great on you as do embellished arms, giving your face definition. Your fail safe go-to -- the classic wayfarer.

* Long: Oversized frames are perfect for your, oval, round or square. Oversized visors, this season`s high fashion option, work well too. Avoid frames that extend beyond the sides of your face as this will accentuate the length. Gradient lenses will define your cheekbones as will a classic aviator frame.

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