Top 5 Christmas Markets of Europe

Explore the five festive shopping destinations in Europe!

Top 5 Christmas Markets of Europe
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We all love to shop and festivals add a special reason to that. It's that time of the year again, when the world sweeps in the shopping fever and is ready to flaunt their best of clothes and get ready to get clicked. So, if you are in Europe around this time, then take a look at these top 5 shopping destinations which will make your Christmas a memorable one:

Norsk Folkemuseum Christmas Fair, Norway

While you are in Europe don't forget to travel to Norway, where people in the capital city Oslo celebrate Christmas fair at 'Norsk Folkemuseum' lavishly. Tourists get to experience classic Christmas celebrations with choirs singing, market stalls, entertainment programmes and decorated houses in the open-air museum.

Munster Christmas Market, Germany

Munster, primarily known as the bicycle capital of Germany sees Christmas celebrations in full swing on the alluring backdrop of the old quarter which is all lit-up. There are numerous stalls at a short arm distance, offering variety of crafts, sweets, toys, snacks and hot drinks to the visitors, keeping them all engrossed in the festive environment.

Berlin Christmas Market, Germany

Christmas in the capital of Germany is indeed special. Berlin gets all glowy and glittery with the festive decorations amidst the cheerful crowd. The city offers exciting 60 Christmas markets to roam around, which offer huge variety of festive stuff like sweets, snacks, jewellery, cakes, and one may not be surprised to find a live Santa in every market.

Hamelin Christmas Market, Germany

Hamelin is a beautiful town situated on the river Weser in Germany. It is best known for the famous childhood tale of Pied Piper of the Hamelin. Thus, being in Hamelin is actually no less than living a fairy tale. Christmas in this part is celebrated with all the festive feel coupled with carols, cakes, snacks, and people playing 'Secret Santa'.

Salzburg Christmas Market, Austria

Lastly, don't forget to take a ride to Salzburg Christmas market in Austria. It's the perfect destination where the tourists can roam around during festive time. The beautiful Cathedral Square and traditional stalls are a major highlight. Kids can get their favourite Christmas cookies and toys from the Santa. Also, the market offers aromatic tree ornaments and a huge variety of art and crafts. At last, Salzburg choirs make up for the entire trip.

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